Monday, April 14, 2008

Ramblings about the rumble

I'm usually an early registrant for races, so by the time I got injured in January I had already signed up for quite a few races. Here's a shout out to all the awesome race directors (Stacy and Rhonda for Hagg, Fred for Pac Rim One Day, Sean for the Rumble, Scott for the upcoming Mac) who have allowed me to transfer my entries to Marc. Lucky for me, Marc's a good sport (and a little bit crazy) so is willing to take on these races.

Marc's racing has given me a chance to keep writing about running and stay connected until I can get back out there too! He actually has his own race coming up....Capitol Peak 55K. But there are still a few other upcoming races with my name on the registered list. First, there's the Forest Park 50k on Memorial Day weekend. I can get some money back on that one or maybe, just maybe, I will be able to participate in a lower distance. I'll decide on that in the next month. And then there's the PCT 50 miler in late July. As you may recall, I was sick last year and couldn't run. Right now, the thought of running 50 miles in 3.5 months seems like an unthinkable dream. But I'll put it there right now, even without a diagnosis, my goal is to start. Whether I can finish, I don't really care right now. I just want to be able to give it a try. That's my dream!

Back to the current race...the Peterson Ridge Rumble. What an awesome day for a race. We've had some crazy weather lately. February was unseasonable sunny and dry. Then March was unseasonable wet and gray. So we were all ready for some beautiful weather. Marc had a pretty good race for not having trained much since Pac Rim. He doesn't like the heat and considering his near crash and burn last year, went with the early starters. The little guy and I met him at the first major road crossing (mile 3?), then grabbed some breakfast, and then got back to the same spot to see the regular starters. The rest of the day, we just mosied around, saw Marc a few times, climbed some rock hills, enjoyed the views, cheered the runners, goofed around, laughed with friends, and generally had a great time! Marc finished in around 6:52. He experienced a bit of a death march near the end but feels pretty good today.

Here are a few pictures of the day (click to enlarge):

They're off like a shot!....Okay, maybe more like a shuffle

Smiling Gail...she really doesn't stop smiling!

A smiling Bret too!

Doesn't Olga look fabulous!

King of the mountain

Marc arriving at aid station 3

Lots of waiting near aid station 7. How about a pose off!

I got to show off my Moeben sleeves. They feel great and are really functional. They kept me warm in the morning, but then they protected me from the sun in the afternoon.

The white sleeves even match my white legs!

Coming into the final aid station....4 miles to go!

Marathon Freak Steve finishing strong.

And while we were waiting for Marc, I got to see Michelle finish the 30k. No pictures (I was busy filming the little guy's latest action movie), but she looked great despite the heat!

Getting paced in by the little guy

Strong kick in the end. Not bad birthday boy!


Journey to a Centum said...

Wow, you are giving Catra Corbett a run for her money with your posing abilities!

Good seeing you this weekend! Marc looked a bit knackered but then so did everyone. I'm certain that he got a great nights sleep.

Great pictures! Hope you heal up soon!

Backofpack said...

You look like a movie star with your pose and your big glasses! I've been reading everyone's reports - apparently I wasn't the only one who found the heat a challenge. That makes me feel better! And you're sweet to say I looked great because I felt like toast when you saw me. The picture Eric took of me on my blog is perfectly awful and that's when I still felt decent!

My favorite picture is the King of the Mountain one! He's such a good sport!

olga said...

I am with Eric - you cracked me up with posing, not to mention that's what I did this weekend! I am so glad you still have fun at the runs and on trails, and with Bart and Marc enjoying the journey - it's that much sweeter. And what do you mean - Marc turned another corner again? Wasn't his last birthday yesterday (ok, a couple of months ago)?
Sarah, you just hang on that attitude, because I know how much you love running and how you're looking forward to coming back, so you WILL BE there!

Natalie said...


Fun stuff here! You make me want to run.

Which would probably kill me now, but gosh, maybe?

I thought I was doing well to finish the Couch to 5K program several years ago. I think I need to dust off those plans and try again.

Ryan said...

Great pictures..send my congrats to Marc. Sorry to hear the running season hasn't been going as planned you have a great attitude. I wish you the best and recover well!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

how fun! it's great that you still get to be involved while you recover.

Carrie said...

Sarah -- great job of being involved even though you can't run too. It's really, really hard, but I think it's better than crawling under the covers at home and whining and eating. :-)

Theresa said...

I missed being at the Rumble this year :( !! I love that course, and I'm so glad that everyone had beautiful weather too. I can't wait to be back some day.
Don't give up hope Sarah :)!! Guess what- I'm running again, most of the time without pain. I think that working hard on pelvic/core stability the past 5 months was key, and the past two weeks I went back to chiropractic work and have been relieved of a lot of the pain. I wish I would have gone back to chiroprator sooner, incorporating with PT. My PT discouraged it, and now I disagree. I think I am still learning to maintain posture and form and it will take awhile to have the strength to be back to ultras, but I have hope.

Joe said...

Great pix, Sarah...glad you enjoyed the time, even though not running. Yeah, let's get you to the starting line for the PCT!!!

Congrats to Marc for hanging on!

Bob Gentile said...

Sarah Said:Right now, the thought of running 50 miles in 3.5 months seems like an unthinkable dream.
Crap why do u have to scare me now, ummmm I am training 3.5 months time frame from my injuries for my first 100 (sigh)))))) so u can do 50 ok, just do what I will be doing SLOWWWWWW & Steady!!!!!!!

and WHEN YOU DECIDE that You can Do it Sarah guess what YOU will, so make that decision my friend!!! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!

Congrats to Marc on his race in that heat, Love the Pics and the Big Glasses :-)