Sunday, July 29, 2007

An odd turn of events

The 2007 Mt Hood PCT 50 miler was not meant to be for me. I hung in there until 15 minutes after I picked up my race number Friday evening. Olga suggested that Marc could take my number if I couldn't run. Back at our campsite, I realized that at best I might be able to make it to the first aid station 6 miles in. But even that felt like it would be a stretch. So I figured, rather than me make a futile attempt, one of us should have a chance to enjoy (ha!) this race. Despite having stated a week earlier that he wasn't running any more races, Marc was game. So he headed back to the packet pick-up area and had Olga scratch out my name and write his in. He hadn't brought along any running shoes, but had some light hikers he intended to wear. However he happened to run into someone he had met through work that had an extra pair to loan him. Of course, I had my gear and supplies to pass along too and fortunately my made for women hydration pack fit him okay.

Below are some pictures from his race. I love this race and you better believe I'll be back next year to try again!

Ready to go for the early start

Coming into the first aid station - approx 6 miles

Stopping to tape at the 2nd aid station - approx 9 miles

Coming into the Frog Lake aid station (#3) - approx 15 miles

Making adjustments at Frog Lake AS

Marc's posse heading into the Barlow Pass aid station - approx mile 19-20

Next stop, Timberline!

Enjoying the view south while waiting

The trail goes up then down into the aid station at Timberline - mile 25

Just have to go back now

See you at the finish!

Pete "Maniac Hippo" wearing a pink fuzzy in honor of Angie

On the home stretch

Am I really done? 50 mile finisher - 11:44


olga said...

Congrats to Non-Runner Marc for tackling this absolutely gorgeous 50 miler!!! I do think you guys made a very good decision - as well as unexpected one, but a fun it turned out to be!!! I am sorry, Sarah, it didn't happen for you this year, but oh, so glad you had guts to pass the number on to Marc, and Marc had guts to accept a challenge - and the Family Adventure was on its way!
I was happy to see all 3 of you, and my heartfelt congratulations to your family for making things work when they don't seem like they should.

robtherunner said...

WOW! A huge congratulations to Marc.

Sorry to hear the events did not turn out as planned, but it is great to see that Marc tackled the challenge. This will just keep that 50 mile desire even stronger than before.

rick said...

Likewise sorry it work out for you but wow, what a family/team effort. That's so great that the race went on for you guys, the show must go on!

Journey to a Centum said...

You were obviously not the only sick person in your family this weekend!;-)

Nothing like making a "plan B" situation into a great accomplishment! Nice job Marc!

You made the right call to bag this race. It was nice to see you at the AS as you waited for Marc. I hope that you are feeling better soon!

See you at the races!

Backofpack said...

It was great seeing you this weekend. Marc cracks me up - I heard from someone that a lady had given her number to her husband who was "not a runner" and he was running the 50. I just laughed. For a non-runner, Marc sure does well - and in borrowed shoes!

Kim said...

Wow, I was wondering how the race had gone. Good for you for making that decision to pass--and that was so great that Marc ran a spur of the moment 50 miler! Congrats!!

Joe said...

Sarah, after aiming for this race for so long, I'm really sorry the cold knocked you out!!! That is a tough blow for you.

You certainly made some lemonade out of this lemon by supporting Marc in it, though. Wow, doing a 50 miler with borrowed shoes and on the spur-of-the-moment!

Great pix...hope you and your son had a good time hanging out. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Bret said...

Sarah you will get the next 50 I am sure. You tell Marc that is amazing. How anyone can not train for this, run with some else's shoes and still do 50 miles!!! He is the man. Plus he beat me!

stephruns said...

Oh, sorry - I can relate to that feeling! But I must say, your Marc is amazing for jumping right in and doing a 50m! And a great time, too.

Carrie said...

Sarah -- Is non-runner Marc going to start non-swimming soon or something like that too? LOL. I am so sorry you were too sick to run the race you were training for. And you were so ready too! But next year is just waiting for you now!

Jessica Deline said...

great pics! I'm sorry the race didn't work out for you but there is always next year!

Bob Gentile said...

GEESH now that is a plan B "PLUS" wow Marc way to step in, very awesome!!

and Sarah so sorry u didn't feel good, I hope ur feel better soon hun...

but can we please tell Marc now it was the plan to get him to run the 50 miler all along---LOLOL OK, OK we won't tell him yet (wink, wink)

non-runner Marc :-) recover well & Congrats!!...

wendy said...

bummer about still being sick, my friend, but it sounds like it was a good weekend anyways.

That's hilarious that marc jumped in, and he did awesome!

Take care of yourself, there are more races to come, and I know you're ready for them!

Addy said...

sorry you missed this race since you've been so looking forward to it, but your husband is amazing for being able to complete the 50 just spur of the moment! The pictures are great (I love that he sported your 'women specific' hydration pack). It seems like you guys still had a great weekend.

How's the cold doing this week?

Travis said...

Thanks for the congrats! It was nice meeting you too. Sorry you were feeling bad, but getting someone else into the race was great. Until next time.


Ryan said...

That's the 1st time I've ever heard of someone entering a 50 mile race...jeepers....good for him to tackle that distance and finish with style and confidence! Please pass my congratulations on to your husband. I hope you’re feelin better and all those long training miles can be used down the road somewhere!

Brad "el ZappoMan" said...

Sub 12 for the guy that would never run another race? Not bad!

Darrell said...

This is kinda sad and so cool at the same time. A huge congratulations to Marc for rocking a 50 miler on the spot. Rest well and get rid of that cold.