Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Moving forward

Long ago I had decided that I wouldn't register for any more races until after PCT. I had a few moments where I was tempted, but ultimately I kept to my word. Having not been able to run PCT, I was fired up to register for some races as soon as we returned to Portland. So I spent a good part of my Sunday afternoon working out my upcoming schedule:

9/15 Timberline Marathon - This is essentially the 2nd half of the PCT 50 miler. It will be a nice preview of the race for next year. In 2006, there was a freak storm and the start was snow covered. But it could just as easily be warm weather.

10/21 Sisters Poker Run (34 miles) - This is run on some of the same trails as the Peterson Ridge Rumble. Check out Glen Tachiyama's pictures from 2005. Pretty, huh?

11/3 Autumn Leaves - I've registered for the 50k, but I'm leaving open the possibility of bumping up to the 50 mile.

I had seriously considered the Firetrails 50 down in Calif., but would have had to make the trip by myself. I decided that I want to share my first 50 miler with my family, so I'm going to postpone Firetrails to another time, maybe next year.

I will likely also register for the Portland Marathon. I wanted to stay away from roads for awhile and the $90 registration fee certainly gave me pause. But I can't find anything else in early October to fill that gap. And with virtually no travel costs, $90 is probably a bargain.

In running news I still haven't been out since a week ago Tuesday. I finally started feeling like myself again yesterday. I'll give it a go on my regularly scheduled Thursday run tomorrow.


olga said...

Sounds like a plan! May be I'll think about Timb mar too...though last year I think I didn't like the cost.

Joe said...

Isn't it fascinating how these plans affect us?? I think that's half the fun of running...laying out the whens and wheres of racing.

Looks like a good plan. Sorry I'll not be running Portland this year but 2008 is a possibility!!

Darrell said...

that didn't take long!

glad you are feeling better.

psbowe said...

Oh, those like great runs. Now I want to look into a few of them.

Sorry to hear about not feeling good for the recent race, but at least someone else got to experience it for you. It's so nice when thing fall into place.

stephruns said...

Yepp, one race goes out, everything else beccomes a mess!!! Good job though on you plan moving forward.

wendy said...

so glad to hear you're starting to feel like yourself again!

It's so exciting determining which races, which trips to take, etc. I think it's an excellent idea to complete your 50 with family around, that's the best reward, sharing it with the people you care about!

Addy said...

Glad you're feeling better and finding some good races to get excited about! That definitely makes sense that you'd want your first 50 to be with family. I actually found out after I registered that mine won't be able to be at the race, which I'm pretty sad about, but I figure they were there for the first 50k and they'll be there for other races, so it's okay. I'll just have to finangle a few friends to show up so that I have someone there.

Have such a good time on your run back tomorrow!!!

Backofpack said...

Eric and I are in negotiations right now, oh wait, I mean we are planning right now! Maybe I'll see you again at Autumn Leaves - it's on my radar...

rick said...

Glen does take some great pictures. That run looks like a great one. Good luck planning your fall season, exciting, fun. Hmmm...what if you did the Timberline Marathon and bridge to the Autumn Leaves 50-miler....or the Sisters Poker Run then the 50k for Autumn Leaves...or all three but a 50k for Autumn Leaves to finish the trio. Haha I'm having some fun myself with your schedule.

Hope yesterday's run was a good one. Slowly but surely.

Bob Gentile said...

Glad ur feeling better Sarah and planning some events!!!

Have a great weekend!