Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another Wildwood run

Yesterday, Sharon and I headed out to Forest Park again for a 17 mile run. Don't get me wrong...I love, love, love Forest Park. But I'm looking forward to spring and summer when we can mix it up with some runs out in the Gorge. The nice thing is I'm starting to really feel like I know every nook and cranny of Wildwood, which really is an awesome trail.

The first few miles of the run were downhill. We started at the Birch trail, headed down Wildwood and then cut down Aspen to the road so we could cut around and head up Leif. There's a Q&A with Scott Jurek in the current March issue of Trailrunner magazine, where he gives some advice on improving downhill running. That is definitely one of my weak spots. I tend to brake and lean back on the downhills, which is exactly what I shouldn't be doing! And because I'm tensing my torso this is when I might get one of those knife stabbing side stitches I'm prone to get. So its really an area I need to work on. As we were running down the trail I tried to employ some of Scott's techniques (quick strides, lower your center of gravity, scan the trail ahead and pick a line) and I think it really made a difference! And I know running trails every weekend has boosted my confidence too.

We then headed six miles up Leif. About 3 miles up something strange happened. A women running towards us asked us, without stopping, if we had water. Since we were both carrying sports drink we answered no. Then about a quarter mile later we came towards a group of about 10 walkers. One of the men asked us if we had water. WTF? We again said we just had sports drink and he shook his head, no, that wouldn't do. We kept running and our quest for the next few miles was trying to figure out why they needed water. Were they thirsty? If so, why couldn't they have drunk sports drink? And did they expect us to give them all a drink? Was someone hurt? If so, why didn't they say so? I kind of wished I had asked since I do carry a small first aid kit with me on all my trail runs. I wondered if it were some sort of psychological experiment. Hmmm. I guess we'll never know. But it sure was odd.

We cut up Saltzman road and then headed back on Wildwood for 8.5 miles to our starting point. Final result was about 17 miles at an 11:55 mile pace. I feel pretty good about that. Next week will be our peak long run at about 22+ , followed by a taper weekend of something shorter and then the next weekend its the 50K at Hagg Lake. If the weather keeps up like it has been there won't be a lot of mud. But I'm sure we'll get plenty of rain before then to make it interesting.

This morning I'm waiting around for Marc to get back from a run so I can go out for 6-7 miles. You may have noticed that I put his race schedule on my sidebar. Yes, he is going to run a 50 miler this year too. And not just any 50 miler, but the Dick Collins Firetrails 50. That race holds special significance for me since it starts in my home town and goes through some of my old stomping grounds as a high school cross country runner. Marc is also planning on running the McKenzie River Trail Run, which I completed last year. I wanted to do it again this year since its held on my birthday, but the timing is good as a training run for Marc, so I'll sacrifice and let him run it instead. However, I'm really looking forward to crewing and cheering at both races.


Backofpack said...

It is strange that they were asking you for water. If you usually only carrying one bottle, would you share with strangers? Especially strangers who are just walking? Maybe I'm selfish, but I'm not sure I would - that's a little too strange for me. I would share with runners I know though...

I bet you'll have a blast crewing for Marc - it gives a different perspective of the race, and you can learn a lot by listening to the other runners, observing their aid station support and rituals. It might even help you, as a runner, down the road.

Joe said...

A cool run, Sarah, sounds great.

and good for you supporting Forest Park, if only financially right now. That's how great public facilities stay that way.

Thank you!!

robtherunner said...

Sounds like another great run out on Wildwood. Oh, you are all so lucky to live in the Portland area with such a great trail system.

Darrell said...

Sounds like you have a case of cabin fever runner style. Spring will be here soon. Enjoy the familiar for a little while longer.

Bob Gentile said...

that was weird for them to ask you for water, it sounded like they just wanted some water and probably asked everyone going bye--lol

speaking of WEIRD ....JOIN us Sarah, Get weird with US weirdo's who are actually NORMAL...come on I know you have some goood NORMAL stuff for us--haha

Also you can go to my blog to see complete detail and read about other weirdo's MAKE Sure you read LISA B's post to get you in the weird MOOD.



Ryan said...

It's nice to have a local sanctuary like Wildwood, from your experiences it sounds like a fun place to run. Asked for water but didn’t want any of your drinks…interesting mystery??

olga said...

It's great you joined FFP, really. They need it.
I feel like I know every nook on WW too:) We did Maple loop for speed this weekend, went well enough.
I hope to make it to DC 50 and then I'll see you both there, right?
As for downhill, to me it's a "plus" point, but running inclines is the weak spot. Gail is backwards, so she pulled me on ups and I caught up every down. It evens out our overall pace, and we don't have to wait for one another.

Journey to a Centum said...


I'm envious of your Wildwood runs. On occasion I run in a small park with the same name but it takes about two and a half loops to make one mile! Sounds like you two are going to be in great shape!

That is kind of weird with the people on the trial trying to "Yogi Bear" water from you. Reminds me of an altruism study I did in college for an upper level statistics class in psychology.

I spoke to tc “got legs” and I think we are going to run the “Twelve Peaks” course on Tiger Mt. sometime after the Orcas Island 50K this month.

rick said...

oohhh Firetrails. Such a nice run and you finish with Ann Trason handing you your goodie bag. You have to tell Marc to come out of the closet already - he is a runner.

I keep hearing about the "gorge" next time I'm up in Portland I'll have to check this place out. Downhill running is definitely my strength, weak on the uphills.