Monday, February 05, 2007

Weird normal me

I thought I had escaped, but Bob finally goaded me into revealing my weird normal self:

1. I'm a private person. What am I doing here with a blog?

2. I'm superstitious. For example, last spring I took a fall near the end of a trail run at Eagle Creek in the Columbia River Gorge. My brow connected with a rock and I ultimately needed 10 stitches. Anyway, a kind hiker who witnessed my fall stopped to help. She gave me her bandanna, which I now call my Good Karma Bandanna. I carry it with me on all my trail runs....sort of as a good luck charm and sort of as reminder to pass along the good karma to others. I was concerned that not carrying the Good Karma Bandanna might result in bad luck, so I've purposely not carried it with me a few times. (And nothing bad happened!) But for the most part, I like to have it with my on my trail runs.

3. I log my workouts in four different logs. All workouts (running, weights, yoga) go into the Coolrunning log. Last year I started using Breaking the Tape's log so I could post some of the data on my blog. Only running stats go into BT. I also enter just my running mileage on my computer's desktop calender. I'm a visual person and like being able to see a months worth of mileage at a glance and/or compare with a training plan I may have entered on my calendar. And....I record all my workouts in my Calorie King Diet Diary program (where I occasionally also monitor my food intake.) This is mainly so I can see how many calories I've burned from exercise. But it doesn't really matter since I don't often record my food intake. That would be tedious. ; )

4. I'm a germaphobe, but only about certain things. For instance my house isn't necessarily that clean (in fact it could really use a cleaning right now) and I don't mind sharing a drinking glass with friends and family. However, I don't like to shake hands and I cringe when co-workers want to use my pen or the IT folks need to use my keyboard and mouse. I also use a paper towel to open the door when I'm leaving a public restroom.

5. I could be happy eating the same things day in and day out. My typical lunch: a banana, a PBJ sandwich and yogurt. Marc makes oatmeal for me every morning. Love it! Dinner? If I didn't have my family to think about, I'd eat popcorn for dinner at least a few times a week. The other nights? Cheese and crackers or maybe another pbj sandwich. Don't get me wrong...I can appreciate a fine cooked meal. But I guess I'm just a simple gal.

6. Running is my main hobby. I don't do it just for exercise or to stay slim. Most people don't get that. But I'm sure you understand.

And hopefully this is the last blog post you'll see about being weirdly normal!


Bob Gentile said...

Sarahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh your such a WEIRDO---hahah you know that's what we are suppose to say when your finish the weird tag :-)

Ok let's SEE what we have here, we have somethings in common... I too can eat the same FOOD daily, cuz food don't mean that much to me as You can see in my weird list....foood is annoying to me ( I know WEIRD)

your a log freak, I am not but I think about logging more --haha

As I get OLDER I am getting to be more of a Germaphobe too, especially nowadays... geesh when I was on a plane last month a guy was COUGHING in the Seat in front of me ( NO big deal right) ummm YES He didnt cover his MOUTH and HE was coughing on and off for like 10 minutes...

SOOOOO I tapped him on his shoulder and said PLEASE cover Your DANG MOUTH. and YES I SAID DANG, well you want to be rude and COUGH all over US I am gonna be RUDE and tell you to SHUTTY :-0

Private Person more and more each year for me.

WEll thanks for complying Sarah and showing us how Normally WEIRD you are as we ALL are!


Backofpack said...

Oh, now I'm trying to remember if we shook hands when we met! I like the good karma bandana idea, and I had to laugh that you forced yourself to leave it home - I do that kind of stuff too. And the food thing - I could eat the same thing for months. I think you're pretty normal!

olga said...

Aha, good warnings:)
Yes, we understand.

Jeff said...

i'm a selective germaphobe, too. i CAN NOT shower in a public shower withouth shower shoes on, and i open the doors to public bathrooms with a paper towel too!

Darrell said...

Yep, pretty normal, at least from my perspective.

Faithful Soles said...

I love your post. Never tell anyone in the brotherhood/sisterhood of running that you are "weird", because to the rest of the world, all of us runners fit into that category. I long for the day when a non-runner asks me what I did that morning and I tell them I ran a quick 10 miles and they look at me without that "WHAT????!!!!!" look in their eyes.

Ginger Breadman said...

I love reading other people's habits - it makes you realize how normal is really a relative term. Popcorn is my all-time favorite food - we eat it about 5 days a week in our house.

Joe said...

What a pleasant list!! You are such a likeable person, Sarah, that these "wierds" are hardly odd!!

Hooray for p b & j!!!