Sunday, November 05, 2006

Deja vu weekend

This weekend was very similar to last weekend. I attended a race that I didn't run in and I went on a short trail run in Tryon Creek State Park.

Saturday was the Autumn Leaves 10k/50k/50M. I arrived at Champoeg State Park a little after 8 am. After chatting with Olga at race central for a few minutes I headed over to my assignment at the 2nd aid station, out on the course. Since this is a loop course I enjoyed seeing the runners over and over again - twice on each loop. I hope they enjoyed seeing us just as much and I apologize to anyone I gave Gleukos to instead of water! (It was only one or two, but they should really put some coloring in that stuff!) It was great to see Eric again and all the other maniacs. And I finally got to officially meet Tom R. after probably crossing paths without knowing it a few times. One funny moment was when we realized that the 10k runners (who didn't start until 10 am) might want us to actually hold out the water cups for them. Made me realize what a different scene ultrarunning is. We took bets on whether any of the 10k runners would stop and graze at our banquet. I think one actually did! Maybe we have an ultrarunning convert there.

This morning, Janet, Sharon and I took another turn around Tryon Creek State Park. We got lost again, but found a few familiar trails and had a great time. It was a short run, but with all the hills, and my reduced fitness, I felt like I got in a decent workout. The good news was that this is the first run where I didn't feel anything in my ITB, both during or after the run. The past two weeks I've put in about 10 miles a week. I plan to keep it there for the next few weeks and then hopefully be able to start ramping up the mileage again. My next race will be the Hagg Lake Trail Run on February 24th. I hope to have the mileage under my belt to complete the 50K. If not, I'll do the 25K.


robtherunner said...

Sounds like I missed out on a good one. Good for you for volunteering and I would have done the same thing with the 10k runners.

olga said...

Hey, sorry I was preoccupied with been a Boss at race Central and din't talk much - just wanted to be capable and not miss on things I shouldn't have:) It was nice to see you too. Fun day, not even as wet as expected.

backofpack said...

Eric said he talked with you a little. It's cool that you and Olga volunteered - thanks for doing it!

Ginger Breadman said...

"whether any of the 10k runners would stop and graze at our banquet. I think one actually did"

I'm rolling over laughing while I keep picturing that in my head. I agree that the runner might like to try the ultra - or maybe a reservation at the local buffet restaurant. How hilarious.

Ryan said...

Volunteering your time is awesome, sounds like a fun day was had by all! It's good to hear you had no issues with your ITB on your run! A happy ITB is a good ITB!

mtnrunR said...

It was great to meet you!!! It was also great that you didn't get rained on all day like the year before!!! As it turned out I had another PR, my 7th for the year! Yea! 7:34. I had no idea struggling for 20 miles like I did and loosing my lunch four times. I am glad that this is my only race of the year that has that much pavement. I am feeling a little beat up today because of it.

I will see you at Haag either as a runner or volunteer. How did Eric do in the marathon the day after?

great to see you!
tom riley

rick said...

Hey Sarah, just read on Olga's that you were also in Autumn Leaves. That's great. Fun being at races regardless whether you are running or volunteering.

Sarah Elaine said...

Sheesh! You're starting to sound like Rob with your ideas on reduced fitness and "ONLY" running the 25 K. Some of us still dream of running 10 K, ya know! ;-)

Joe said...

Thanks for volunteering, Sarah...makes all the difference!

And, like gingerbread man, I'm ROFL on your comparision of the ultra runners and the 10k runners. "Grazing" is the term, exactly...and what a great treat to do on an ultra!!!! May the salt be with you.

Glad your ITB is behaving.

mtnrunR said...

More on salt intake on the comment section in my blog.
again, great to meet you last weekend!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I need to do more ultras in the PacNW. (I only did two this year).
Good luck on ramping-up.

GP said...

VOLUNTEERS are the heart and soul of the sport... happy future ultrarunning.
Happy trails
GP in Montana

Annette said...

Thanks for volunteering at Autumn Leaves. And, if you were the one who gave me directions to the start, THANK YOU! :) I've never been around an ultra run, so it was interesting to see that side of the running world.

Hope your ITband behaves. That can be a real pain - I was out almost 2 years with that insanity. Listen to your body! :)

stephruns said...

yes, congrats to you and me to our recovery. i, too run short runs now and I'm so thankful for this little bit!!!