Sunday, November 12, 2006


1 chiropractic adjustment
2 sports massages
3 pounds gained
6 weeks of minimal running
15 hours of cross training
630 minutes on the foam roller
8000 mg of ibuprofen ingested

and countless prayers to the healing gods.....

I finally feel like I'm back on track again.

This morning Sharon and I ran 8.5 miles on Wildwood. I am so woefully out of shape, but it felt good to be out in the mud and the leaves and the fresh, fall air. We did a loop down the nature trail to Leif Erikson and back up the Alder trail to Wildwood. Near the end of our run we crossed paths with Tom, running from the other direction. I don't think he recognized me.

(So Tom, if you were wondering who that woman was in the white hat, white vest and black tights who said hi to you, that was me.)

Sharon plans to run the Hagg Lake Trail Run with me in February. But we are currently having a minor dispute. She wants me to run the 25k with her and I want her to run the 50k with me.

I wonder who is going to get her way?


backofpack said...

Now you've got me thinking about Hagg Lake. Have you done it before? Is it good for inexperienced trail runners? I've done a few local trails, and Haulin Aspen (no mud). Anyway, I'm thinking about it - 25K of course.

robtherunner said...

If you decide to do the Capital Peak Fat Ass in January let us know. I am thinking of one loop as well.

Glad to hear you are back at it.

Sarah said...

I haven't run Hagg Lake yet, but maybe someone who has will comment. One of my running buddies did the 25K a few years ago and she said it was as difficult as a marathon. I think it really depends on the mud! : )

olga said...

Whomever gets the way - it will be a fun muddy day.
Foam rollers are great tool!
We had friends over last night, and decided after our move I can have a once-a-week yoga "friends" session (we have space in new house). I'll let you know - you won't need chyropractor then.

mtnrunR said...

Sorry about that Sarah,
You are right, I didn't recognize you right off. Yes, I did know it was you once I got around. Thanks for saying "hi".

As for Haag, do the 50k. More fun than just the 25k I figure. If you want, do the early start. That might be the plan.

As for the trail, it really depends on how cold it is. Sometimes the first lap the trail is frozen so mud is a non-issue. But pretty much expect it on the North end for the second lap. Can't get lost. At least with the way Ronda and Stacy marked it last year.

You do have to run on the road a few times. The longest stretch is over the dam, which is close to a mile or so.

If you are ambitious you can run every step. So, no major climbs.

Last year the race was the biggest it has ever been. Probably be the same this coming Feburary.

Look to have fun with the party girls in charge!


rick said...

Only 3 pounds gained? I wish that same was with me. Not injured just a bad sweet tooth that gets worse when I run. Funny how that works.

Hey you know what has also worked for me with my IT (I get the pain above the knee) is one of those neoprene sleeves, the ones with the hole in the knee. Just gives the whole area more support. I use them when the IT gets a little sore.

I've got my money on you. 50k! or bust.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are BACK!!!
I vote for the 50K!!!

GraceD said...

Forgotten on your list - the wiccan rituals I conducted on the beach in your honor. Not to worry, no animal sacrifices were performed.

Am in awe that an 8.5 run was your foray back into your training.

Ryan said...

Good news! I know you'll convince your friend that running a 50k is way more fun! btw those Nathan packs are neat I hope you get one for x-mas too!

Joe said...

So glad you are back out, Sarah!! And thanks for your urging me onto the foam roller. I'm on a business trip right now and even packed the roller and am using it in the hotel room!!!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay for being back on track!

i hear you on feeling woefully out of shape. I've gained 7 pounds in teh last month! I'm hoping sunday's 15 miles goes okay and my itb doesn't hurt...

Darrell said...

Are the two races on the same course. You could run with her the first 25, then she could run with you the second 25. ;-) Makes sense to me.

Glad to know that things are back on track.