Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend trails

On Saturday morning, Sharon and I headed over to Tyron Creek State Park to try out the trails there. I've been to Tyron Creek just once before, many years ago, for a hike. I really don't know why I haven't thought to run there before now. It's as close, if not closer to my house than Forest Park. And while Tyron Creek doesn't have one long trail, like Wildwood, there are enough looping trails that you could spend many happy trail running hours there.

We didn't really know where we were going, so just grabbed a park brochure map and headed out. Its a good thing we had the map and that there are many good signs, because before long we were totally turned around. We ended up doing two somewhat similar loops. We stopped a lot to find our bearings, which accounted for our slow 16 minute pace over about 4.5 miles. But that's okay. We had a ton of fun and I'm still trying to take it easy. My ITB (or whatever it is) is still not healed. My regular appointment for a massage and an adjustment is next week, but I'm going to see if I can get in this week instead.

On Sunday, we drove down to Corvallis, so that Marc could run in the McDonald Forest 15k. I had considered running this one, but when it was clear I wasn't ready for another race, Marc signed up instead. I'm glad it was him instead of me! Its a killer course with a lot of uphill. I'm so proud of Marc. He finished in 1:15:07, which was good for 3rd place in his age group. He keeps insisting he's not a runner. I'm not so sure...

On your mark...get set...

Kickin' it in!

Proud ribbon winner


Ryan said...

He sure looks like a runner = )

Smart choice taking care of that ITB thing, you'll be back in the groove in no time! Keep on!

mtnrunR said...

I hope your IT band heals quickly. It took mine months to heal a few years ago. I don't wish that injury on anyone.

Look to run the Mac in May. Ken puts on a great race following suit of Clem. Get ready to do some climbing. But of course it won't have the gain that the '05 race. I think Clem made us run down a hill just to run back up it. O.K., I wasn't running back up it but the day was huge with over 7500 feet of climbing in the 50k course. Wozer. But a great race.

Get well!!!


rick said...

Don't know either. Looks like "runner's high" to me.

backofpack said...

Definitely a runner...and a happy one too!

I'm sorry to hear your ITB is still bothering you - I really hope it clears up soon.

Did you say you were going to be at Autumn Leaves this weekend? If so, look for Rob, Eric and Steve while you are there!

robtherunner said...

You brought back memories with the photos from the start. Definitely some serious climbing involved with those races. I look forward to seeing you Saturday.

Darrell said...

love the color and the light. I swear I was meant to be up there.

Sorry to hear that the ITB is still flaring.

Congrats to "not a runner" Marc. If he can have fun and win AG honors, more power to him.

stephruns said...

yes, he totally does look like a runner. and the forest looks great!

olga said...

Mac is nice, one of my fav courses...I love hills, I can walk!! As for Tryon - this is (was) my regular daily route for runs, and I am moving even closer to it now, a stupid mile away! Come over and play!

Ashley said...

Not sure if this will help your ITB or not -- these injuries can vary a lot from person to person -- but here's a stretch that has helped me when my ITB has been tight and irritated:
Standing, cross your left foot in front of the right, and stand with feet parallel but crossed(left side of left foot touching the right side of the right foot). Bend over and touch your toes, allowing the hamstrings to stretch a bit. Then, without un-bending, walk your fingers along the ground to the left, maybe 12-18 inches left of center, and lean down even lower & to the left. This gives me a great stretch all along the outside of my right leg. Stand, switch legs, and repeat the exercise leaning down and to the right, for a good left-leg ITB stretch.
Hope this helps!