Friday, August 18, 2006

Back to the gym

One of the many positives of my recent 50k is that it highlighted my weaknesses. Some might consider that a negative. But I think having a clear vision presented to me of what I need to work on to improve is certainly a positive.

The most difficult part for me at the 50K was with the rocky downhills. I need to get more practice running these sort of trails. Fortunately I have easy access to the Columbia River Gorge to help with that. I also need to put more emphasis on general strength training. In particular, if my legs were stronger I wouldn't have felt it so much in my knees during the race. I've been doing some strength work at home on and off, but it hasn't been a priority.

So its time to get back into the gym. I have access to a gym at work but there are still some things I can do at home. I know I'll rebel if I'm too overscheduled. If anything has to give it would be weight work before running. And I like to chill during my lunch hour. So I've made a schedule that only takes up two lunch hours a week at the gym plus a few mornings at home.

Here's my new routine:

Home: Abs, arms, shoulders
Gym: legs, chest, back
Gym: legs, chest, back
Home: Abs, arms, shoulders
Longest Run

I like that there's no leg work on Friday so I get some rest before a potentially heavy weekend of running. I started the new schedule this week and so far so good. Of course, all those muscles I haven't been working are sore, but that's just part of getting back into it.

This weekend I'm following Kim's lead and I'm shooting for 20 and 10. Its supposed to be in the 90's but we're back to more typical weather where it actually cools down at night. So it should be a reasonable temp until the late afternoon.


Carrie said...

I was just going to ask you how much cross training you did. In my wimpy training I've noticed a HUGE improvement on how my knees feel when I add in at least one day a week on the stationary bike. I then am shooting for another day of Fitness Ball work for general core strength. It is hard to find the time for it all though!

angie's pink fuzzy said...


I'm loving the gym. It's different and neat to work my muscles in strength training. Plus, I use my gym time to stretch, mmm...

What sort of miles do you hit during your weekday runs?

Sarah Elaine said...

I hated the gym when I started. Now I'm addicted! Your program looks pretty sound. Keep us posted on how it goes.

And I like how you chill out on your lunch hours. I gotta get me some of that action! (What's your secret?)

matt said...

i love how you look at the weaknesses as positives. you have a tremendous outlook on things, sarah. that is quite inspiring to me :)

olga said...

I also loved how you said - finding weakness is positive. Can I suggest a schedule? You don't have a rest day (like total rest). Try Mon: run/upper body, Tue-run, Wed-Run/legs, Thur - rest, Fri-short run/upper body, Sat/Sun your long runs. Because doing legs on Mon after two long runs is defeating the purpose a bit. You do want to have a day to "slack" (by SarahElaine). And you add abs every time you do any kind of weight routine, upper or lower.
You can change things around, but that's basic idea I learned from my trainers/coaches over the years.
Have fun.

olga said...

Oh, yeah, and Mon can be a cross-tarining instead of a run. I agree with Carrie - spin class is a fantastic addition.

backofpack said...

That's a great attitude, looking at the negatives as a guide. I like Olga's suggestions - seems very wise to me!