Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'll blame it on endorphins

I don't remember exactly when or exactly why, but this past March the idea stuck into my head that I wanted, no needed, to run far. I’m not really sure why, but I’m going to blame it on endorphins. My mileage was up and I was running well. So despite being in the thick of marathon training, I started looking ahead to an ultra I could run after my June marathon.

The McKenzie River Trail Run, a 50K held in early September, looked like a perfect first attempt at a longer distance. This run fills up quickly, but my timing was right. On April 1, the first (and ultimately last) day of registration, I dutifully printed out the entry form and mailed it from the central post office (just in case the box didn’t get its regular pickup). A few days later, I got the email that I was in!

This seems to be the way I operate. I go along quietly, living my life and then a crazy idea hits me. I trust my instincts and commit to it whole-heartedly. I’m still anticipating my June marathon, but my sights are already looking ahead to the future.


matt said...

i work the exact same way, sarah. great news on you getting in to that race. i look forward to following your training along the way. i am sure i could learn a lot from your long distance experience.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh, that looks like a sweet run!

GraceD said...

Sarah, I am honored by your visit to my very humble ClubMom marathon blog. I am equally blown away that you've been reading my personal blog AND downloaded the NYC Marathon Excel spreadsheet. Did you run NYCM as well?

Very, very impressed with your running. I will be following your progress with great interest and total admiration.

All the best to you!

Kim said...

Good for you for joining the folks beyond the marathon!! I hope the training goes well and good luck on your marathon!

Sarah said...

Grace...the honor is all mine! Yes, I ran NYC in 2004. Took my camera with me and had a blast! Its the single greatest urban marathon in my book. Thanks for visiting!