Friday, May 19, 2006

Changes, small and big

The small: I changed up my mid-week mileage this week so I could have another rest day on Saturday before my 22 (and still get my 45 for the week!). This is what I did:

Mon: rest
Tues: 6
Wed: 5
Thurs: 7
Fri: 5

I feel good and I'm looking foward to Sunday's run.

The big: I'm sending in my registration this weekend for the Mt Hood PCT 50/50 on July 29th. I'll do the 50K. I had considered it earlier but thought it might be too close to my marathon for a first attempt. But the more I've thought about it the more I know I can do it! And everyone I've asked has said to go for it. (Have you noticed that ultrarunners always say that? LOL!)

It may be hot and the higher altitude is a slight concern. But I'll have 10 hours to complete, which seems like a pretty good cushion. I'm an early morning runner so I think I'll have to add a few afternoon runs to my training to get in some heat training. Yay! I'm excited.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

ooo, I wanted to do that one as my first 50 miler, because it seemed perfect! But, it's too far away :(

Have fun!!!

Kurt in Boston said...

Hey -- NODM -- same marathon! And you've done it before!

So tell me, what are those two hills really like (coming out of the creek beds)? And the hills from miles 16 to 20? (my e-mail is on my profile -- feel free to use it)

So is this your first 50 you're planning on doing? I've got a friend who wants me to do one with him -- but I really want to work on my speed for now -- maybe in a couple years.

matt said...

you must have a lot of beautiful races out in your area. do they run many ultras in oregon?