Monday, May 15, 2006

Half marathon PR 2:01:58

Although I've never actually trained specifically for a half marathon (they've just come along as part of marathon training), breaking the 2 hr mark has always been a goal. I came a bit closer on Sunday with a time of 2:01:58. That's a PR of about 1 minute if you count an uncertified race that I think was a bit short, or 3 minutes on a certified course. I'm pleased. But its probably the closest I'll come to breaking 2 hrs, since training for road races really isn't part of my future plans.

Its a long way from my first half marathon 5 years ago. I don't remember the exact time...somewhere around 2:34. Its fun to improve but frankly, speed records are becoming less and less important to me. Just getting out there and enjoying the ability to run and experience is more my focus lately.


matt said...

that is a fantastic time, sarah! congratulations. i am also just focusing on my enjoyment out there and run almost entirely on trails. i am also working my way toward running my first ultras, which will happen later this year. as you prepare for ultras in the future, do you see your marathons as long training runs for your longer events?

Rafael said...

Dang, my first half, was a 3 hour ordeal.

GraceD said...

Oh, to run a 2:00 half marathon. In my DREAMS!

Yay you!