Monday, May 15, 2006

Tripped over a rock

That should have been the title of this blog but its already been taken.

Last Saturday, 15 miles into a 16 mile trail run, I tripped over a rock and gashed my right brow, resulting in 9 stitches. My first reaction was anger that I couldn't finish my run!

I knew then and there I was hooked.

I've been running road marathons (and shorter distances) since 2001, but recently decided to focus more on trails and longer distances. Since I've been commenting on other's blogs I think it only fair that I start my own. I can't promise that I'll post consistently, or that it will even be interesting. But here it is.


sherri said...

What a compelling blog I've stumbled into! I look forward to reading about your trials, tribulations, and successes here.

tripped over a rock said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for the votes on my site! Sorry I snagged the title before you got to it. Really though, I think I probably put up a pretty good fight for "which of us is more deserving". Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping when you need it most like a good stumble. And by good stumble I mean the kind with blood (to make you look tough), but no REAL damage, and definitely not requiring stitches! Sorry to hear about that, hope you're feeling better.