Friday, May 25, 2012

Poles, Pedals, Paddles and now Pigtails

I'm right in the middle of two non-racing (for me!) weekends.  Last weekend the family headed out to central Oregon so Marc could compete in the Pole, Pedal, Paddle relay.  
Getting ready - It was a beautiful day!

We spent both Friday and Saturday night in Bend so it was a fun getaway weekend.  Two years ago we were on a team together, where Marc did the nordic ski and sprint legs and I did the 5 mile (mostly) trail run.  Last year, Marc and one of his buddies competed as a team with Marc doing the cycling, running and sprinting legs.  This year Marc decided to try his hand at the whole shebang and entered as a solo competitor.  
Practicing for next year?

The full relay consists of an uphill dash in ski boots, an alpine run at Mt Bachelor, an 8k nordic ski, 22 mile cycle down to Bend, the 5 mile run, a 1-1/2 mile kayak on the Deschutes river and a half mile sprint to the finish.  The little guy and I crewed and we all had a lot of fun.  Marc finished 5th out of 14 in his age group, with a time only about 12 minutes slower than his pairs time last year.  He was only 22 seconds out of getting an award (3rd place) and 8 seconds away from 4th.  

He could definitely have made that up in the transitions, as well as by actually training for the alpine and kayak legs.  Marc is talking about teaming up again with his buddy next year.  But I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to go back and best his solo time/placement.

On the drive down to Bend, while Marc was cycling, the boy told me he was going to do this relay solo one day.  And soon, like when he's 16.  Sometimes I wonder if he's getting a warped childhood being dragged to all these events.  But I think he kind of likes it.  And maybe this not-so-normal lifestyle is rubbing off on him in a good way.  Crewing was fun!  The most exciting part was being in the transition chute waiting for the alpine skiers to come in and switch to nordic gear.  Some of those skiers came in fast!
Post race refreshments - root beer for the boy!

Tomorrow, I'm heading up to Washington to pace my friend Susan who is racing the Pigtails 150 Mile.  It's 16 laps around Lake Youngs.  The 150 started this morning so she's already been running, at a pretty good clip, I might add.  According to her pace chart I'll be there in time to run (and walk!) the last 3 or 4 laps with her so I'll get about 30-40 miles in.  There's also a 200 mile race that started yesterday and a 100 mile race that starts tomorrow.  Between the runners and the volunteers it's a who's who of Washington ultra runners.  And the weather looks good, not too hot, not too cold and minimal rain (fingers crossed!).  I can't wait!

Edit:  Unfortunately, my runner got sick and dropped before I made the trip up north.  So no pacing for me...I"m off to Wildwood and the Gorge this weekend instead!


Adelyn said...

Sounds like some great races! Especially the one your husband is doing :). Glad you are having such a great time crewing!

Olga King said...

Marc is a total stud. Just like that, jump into whatever and whip ass. I love how your boy participates in all of your guys adventures. Ours kind of been drugged but somehow never got a good vibe off it. They kinds think it's normal, but not for them. So, keep it up, Not So Little Guy! And you're gone, but somehow may be Marc can call you and tell you I asked to say hi to all PNW at Pigtails races??

Joe said...

It's fantastic, Sarah, how you can involve the LG and even better for him to see the benefits of this type of outdoors activity. Very cool!!

Too bad the Pigtails ultra didn't pan out...quite a whos who there, though, indeed. I followed Jenny who got her 100 in...amazing.


Carilyn said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! And I'm sorry your runner got sick - I really wanted to hear about that race. I've never heard of it, but it sounds so cool! We've been dragging our kids to all the races for about 7 years now, and I think it has really given them a chance to see places there wouldn't have otherwise. I guess we won't know the full effect until they're grown :)