Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mac Forest Pictures

I'm not one of those types who can cross the finish line without a hair out of place. I sweat a lot, my nose runs and I look like a hot mess within a few miles of a race. Below are all the photos I could find of me...the good, bad and the ugly! 

Near the start - I was still wearing my cap

Still only a few miles in

Coming down Dan's Trail from Dimple Hill - about mile 18

I  look like I'm in pain!  I wasn't at all.  I think it was  just the sun and sweat in my eyes.

Just before the loop to Chip Ross Park - about  mile  20

Finishing the loop from Chip Ross Park - about mile 22
Coming in to the finish after a mile and a half of downhill

Finishing backwards in memory of Scott McQueeney
All the race pics are here.


Carrie said...

I like the finish pictures because you look determined! :)

I hate race pictures of myself. I always look so serious. When I swear on the inside I'm having fun!

Sandy Smith said...

These are terrific!! :D

Susan Kokesh said...

Awesome pics! Great work.

Joe said...

At the big HM I ran last week, a lady had a shirt with this on the back:

"If I look good at the finish, it means I didn't run hard enough."

Great pix, thanks!!

Rick Gaston said...

They look just terrific.

Carilyn said...

Great blog, Sarah! I never order pictures from races because I am so darn scary :)

You look darn good!