Friday, December 09, 2011

Ghost of Seattle Marathon

The Saturday after Thanksgiving I completed the first marathon that I walked 100% with not one step of running. I finished in 6:08:06 with a negative split of 3:12/2:56. While it's tempting to try that again with the goal of breaking 6 hours walking, I like running too much. There were many times I wanted to run but didn't.  Miles 10-17 were tough because I developed a cramping knot in my left glute.  It was so tempting to stop at the half on this double out/back course.  But I kept going and it finally worked itself out so it wasn't quite so painful.  I think if that hadn't slowed me down I would have been able to break 6 hours.

Just before the start with maniac buddies Rose and DD

It was a pretty good day for running --- harder to regulate temperature for walking, hence all the clothes.

Right after I finished with DD and Jules
Scott puts on a great race and despite some not-so-nice sidewalk sections, for the most part its a very scenic course along Lake Washington.  I especially enjoyed the first time around Seward Park with the lights twinkling on the water in the emerging dawn.

Enjoying my post race hot dog with DD and Karen, who had finished day 3 of the Quadzilla.  Too bad I was driving or I would have had a beer too.

Training for Across the Years is soon coming to a close. Unfortunately it's ending with a whimper instead of a bang. I haven't been able to get into a groove since the Ghost and a week in Las Vegas for a conference didn't help. But October and November were both 200+ mile months so I think I'm better prepared than I was last year. I'm looking forward to one last 20+ mile run in Forest Park this weekend. And then I'm ready for some active rest and relaxation while I enjoy the holidays.


Olga said...

Sarah, you ARE the readiest gal out there, I know that for sure! You go, girl! Great walking!

Joe said...

You've had a very wise and thoughtful 6 months' training, Sarah. I'm impressed, watching (and rooting!) from afar. Your focus is on ATY and with last years experience, that focus is really sharp. The discipline to practice walking, even when you want to run (as at the Ghost!) will serve you marvelously in Arizona!! Solid base miles, as well.

Gonna be a good time at the new year. Hope your long run this weekend went well.

Did I tell you I have a trail 50K this coming Saturday, Dec 17?? Could be muddy! Check the report!!

Carrie said...

You are so fit! Contrast that to the 'walkers' who did the Honolulu Marathon in 12+ hours. Pretty cool discipline on your part!