Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Best Day Ever

Last Saturday was one of those glorious sunny spring days that seem to happen out of blue.  They're gone as quickly as they appear so you better make good use of them.  We've had a very rainy, gray spring (29 days of rain in March!) so there was no wasting this day.  The chores would have to wait!

Marc was off early on a bike ride with some buddies and I was itching to get out on the trails.  I coaxed the Little Guy away from his video games and we headed out to Mt. Talbert Park.   Most everyone knows about Forest Park, but maybe some out of towners don't know of the many other  wonderful parks in Portland.  And quite a few of them have trails.  We've hiked at Mt Talbert in the past and I always thought it would be nice for a little trail run.  With loops, you could probably manage a good 6-8 mile run here.  And since there's water and a restroom at the parking lot, you could even schedule a long run and just keep going round and round.  Maybe I'll try that someday!  But this day, the LG and I did just one loop which was exactly 3.1....a 5k!

A few muddy stops but nothing too bad

Trail running makes you thirsty!

Taken just before the peace sign behind my head. Jokester!

Tuckered out or enjoying the sun?

All legs!  Growth spurt just around the corner.

Wilderness in the city

King of the Mountain!

Can't wait to go back.
Later that afternoon, we found a bike for me on Craiglist and we went out on a one hour family bike ride in the neighborhood.  Perhaps next time we'll bike to Mt Talbert before our run.  Gotta make the most out of life!


grrlpup said...

Saturday was the perfect day! I can coast through a little more chilly-and-unpredictable on the memory. :)

Darrell said...

Sounds like a great way to take advantage of the beautiful day.

So the little guy's a runner now, too. Continuing the family tradition. Cool.

olga said...

What a perfect park! What's more perfect is that Little Guy (who is not little at all anymore) is out there, and with you (a, gasp, parent!) to boot! That's life!

Joe said...

Ditto Olga's remark...yes, those legs are the indicator of growth to come! The parks of Portland are awesome... it is a real source of pride for your city!!!