Monday, December 20, 2010


Who would have thought that I created a monster when I got non-runner Marc to join me in July 2006 to run our first 50k together.  Twenty-nine ultras or marathons later...he's now a 6 star Marathon Maniac.  Here are some pictures of his latest exploit...the Seattle Quadzilla over Thanksgiving weekend.

We left Portland at 2am Thanksgiving morning to make the snowy drive to the Wattle Waddle on the Cedar River Trail. Marathon #1

The view from our warm van

The LG and I took a walk

Steve Walters made the medals for the Quadzilla!

Coming in for finish #1

Happy campers!

With the ever-smiling Melissa Williams at the start of #2 - Wishbone Run 27.4

Cruising in for the finish

With Monte before the start of #3 Ghost of Seattle

This is too much fun!

Whose idea was this?  Just kidding...he felt great throughout.
Enjoying some sightseeing in Seattle

Getting psyched (or psycho?) for #4 - the Seattle Marathon

Hanging with the Prez

Jenny ran to honor the fallen Lakewood police officers

Who is that crazy dude in the hat going out with the fast dudes?


Kim said...

Hi Sarah! Glad to see you still are blogging!
That looked like quite a feat (ha ha) 4 marathon events in 4 different locations, one weekend?

olga said...

Had he ever wash his hat??? Because with running so much and driving in-between, I thin k it stunk!
Saw him and Robbie Hester in a MM letter. Yup, monster created, now deal with it. It's the middle age crisis:) Happy New Year, Sarah and family! Enjoy the 48 hrs!

Joe said...

How cool. Hope he has recovered well.

ATY is just around the corner... hope you are getting rested and set for that cool trip and event!

Darrell said...