Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A mac-tabulous mother's day weekend

What a great weekend. Can we do that again, please?

On Saturday, we got up not-so-bright and early so we could drive down to Corvallis for the McDonald Forest 50k. Marc was running and wanted to take the early start so we had to be there by 7 am. The little guy and I sent him on his way, then walked the quarter mile to see him at the 2 mile point. The weather was perfect for running and he was ready to hand off his long sleeve shirt and gloves. We walked back to the start, chatted with friends a bit and then took off for the first aid station. We missed seeing the regular starters head out, but it was a good thing we left when we did because we got to the first aid station with only minutes to spare before Marc came running in. We cheered him on then had about 4 hours to kill. So we drove the few miles to Corvallis where we had leisurely breakfast and visited the wonderful farmer's market.

After doing some more shopping for dinner supplies, we made our way back to the same aid station, which was also the fifth and final aid station. We arrived just minutes before the front runner came flying through. It was another hour and a half before Marc arrived. In between, I passed the time cheering the runners. The little guy passed the time doing what nine year old boys like to do...throwing sticks, climbing trees, sliding down embankments, kicking up dirt...etc.
After Marc came through we high-tailed it down to the finish and arrived with about 30 minutes to spare. Soon we saw him sprinting down the hill and across the bridge to the sound of cheers and folk music. What a great way to finish a race!

We hung out for a while and after Marc recovered with some soup and soda we made our exit. The next destination was our favorite town on Oregon Coast...Yachats. It had been a long day for all so we crashed pretty early.

But the next day we enjoyed a glorious day, driving up the coast and stopping at our favorite beaches along the way. I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's day.

The Mac was the last race for a few months. But Marc has been asking me to find him something else sooner. He's enjoying this training by racing plan and I totally understand.


Backofpack said...

Those beaches look wonderful - what a great way to spend Mothers Day!

Addy said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely mothers day! It sounds like it was a great family weekend :)

Bret said...

Sarah, good to see you saturday. Hey get Marc to do the Forest Park 50K on may 25th. Both Gail and I are running it. Plus after you drop him off you can go take a nap at home!
FYI, buddy Rick is being weaned off his meds. Doc said he can go full speed on the training now.
Hope you are finding more help on your injuries.

olga said...

It was fun to see you guys for a brief moment, and would you look at Marc these days!!! I agree with Bret - Forest Park 50k. How are you doing?

Joe said...

You are wonderfully "outside of yourself" to be with Marc in a setting I know you'd love to be in with your own running.

Sarah, noticed you got in 10 minutes on the Stair Master...hope that low impact stuff went well!

Jeremy Hoefs said...

Congrats on the Mac 50K. No better way to spend Mother's Day, huh?Good luck on your training and see ya on the trail.

rick said...

What great shots of the coast. My mom lived in Portland for a year. On one of my visits, friends and I drove up the coast, stopping at the small towns for coffee, food, gas, sight seeing. It was a great trip.

Catherine said...

Glad you're able to stay so involved in the ultra world thru Marc. He looks like he's having a good time.
Hope you got some answers on Wed. My next step is an MRI.
Happy belated Mother's Day