Monday, January 21, 2008

Holding steady

My mileage for the past three weeks has been exactly 45 miles per week. Although I didn't specifically try to hit 45 each week, mid-40-ish is right where I want it to be. My mid-week runs total 20 miles and then I've been shooting for 20-25 on the weekends. It just so happens that I'm in a perfect long/short sequence leading up to Hagg Lake on Feb 23. A week ago my long run was 25 miles while this past weekend (yesterday) I brought it down to 16. I'll get in two more 20-25+ runs and then have a 2 week semi-taper with no runs longer than 15. That's the plan so far. I don't intend on racing all out at Hagg. I'm trying to hold back my mileage so I don't get burnt out too early in the year. If I decide to go for the 24 hours at Pacfic Rim, I may have to modify this schedule. Or maybe not. We'll see.

This past weekend I had to juggle family obligations and schedules so it worked out perfectly that I didn't have a really long run on tap. On Saturday, I ended up staying close to home and ran about 8.5 miles on the roads. Yesterday I ran in Forest Park. I had three hours so I thought I could get in maybe 15 miles on an out and back route on Wildwood. But mid-run I changed my plan and added a mile by cutting down on Saltzman Rd to Leif for 5 miles and then back up the Alder trail to Wildwood. I need to remind myself to resist the urge to do this in the future. Running on Leif (an old road) is tortuous after running on Wildwood. Although I do enjoy the Alder trail. It's one of my favorite routes between Wildwood and Leif. I don't mind the occasional out and back on Leif. But combining it with Wildwood is just wrong!

Today I need bake a birthday cake. I can't believe my baby is nine!

PS....the result....decorations courtesy of the birthday boy:


rick said...

Great runs in a great place. One of these days I'll visit and hopefully I get to run in these trails. I'll just make sure to come in the Spring or Summer:)

Happy Birthday to your son.

Backofpack said...

Happy Birthday to the little guy! Nine doesn't seem that long ago to me. My baby will be 19 on the 18th, so it was 10 years ago for him, and 12 years ago for our older son. Sheesh!

You've got some good miles going. I laid out my tentative training plan for Pac Rim today. Didn't really total up any miles, just added a couple races. I'll write about it soon. I hope you decide on Pac Rim so I can see you each time you lap me!

robtherunner said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Your running is going really well. Sounds like you have a solid plan in place. I hope you decide on the 24 at Pac. Rim.

Darrell said...

Nice run. Cool cake.

olga said...

When do I get a ckae? :) happy birthday to Little Guy! Nice job on cranking those 45's.

Joe said...

Love the decorations!! Happy Birthday to him!!

Great consistency, Sarah, keep it up!!

Bob Gentile said...

brb need to get a tall glass of Milk

Bob Gentile said...

OK I am back...I will take a big, big slice, yummy ...thanks :-)

ThatsSOMeGreatMILESSSSS ooops trying to talk with my mouth full ...(gulp,gulp) ahhh this cake is awseome...ahhhh I love B-day Party's

Happy B-Day Kiddo !! Your mom makes some awesome cake!

Thanks for cake!! & congrats on ur weekly miles...Hope ur shoulder is feeling better!

Journey to a Centum said...

After running Capitol Peak in the mud I think I'd be dreading Hagg Lake. I've never run it but I have a new respect for those that do.

Keep up the great work running and tell the "Cowboy" that he can feel free to ask me any questions about CCC.