Sunday, January 27, 2008

First 50 mile week of 2008

I reached 51 miles this first 50+ mile week of 2008! I looked back at my log and I actually only had seven 50+ weeks in 2007. I hope to see the fifties (and sixties!) more often this year.

Yesterday, the Running Cowboy and I met up with Olga to run a few laps around Oaks Bottom. There was a smidge of freezing rain, but the temperature seemed quite pleasant. The RC ran ahead and tried to impress us with his hill repeats but we weren't having any of it. My highlight (lowlight?) was hitting a patch of ice and falling hard on my right hip. It stung for a minute but I was able to shake it off. Silly me. It wasn't even black ice. The next time through I made sure to gingerly step around the edges. We got back to the house at 5.8 so Olga suggested we run to the corner and back so we could get 6. That's the way I think too. Can't round up.

Today, the weather guessers were forecasting snow. I had planned to meet up at Germantown Road for a run on Wildwood. But I'm a real wimp when it comes to driving in snow or ice, so I decided to not take any chances and run on the roads instead. I've decided to go for the 24 hours at Pacific Rim, so its probably a good idea for me to get in more road training anyways. Apparently some of the outlaying metro areas got up to 6 inches of snow last night, but so far we haven't gotten any here in Portland yet. Maybe tonight. I know the little guy is dying for a snow day, so cross your fingers for him.

My regular route down to the Portland waterfront and back route is 19 miles and today I wanted 25. So I added a couple little loops around the waterfront. The weather was cool and as the morning progressed the clouds got lower and lower in the sky. But no snow or rain. I couldn't see the west hills and wondered if there was snow up there. I had overdressed so had to stop at one point to take off one of my shirts. I would say that today's run was a bit more of a struggle than I usually experience. I could've used my iPod. But I don't like to wear it in the rain so hadn't brought it. I felt pretty good for about 15 miles and was holding a steady 9:45 pace. But after 15, my left piriformis starting talking to me. By mile 20 my pace started to slow considerably and I was ready to be done. I planned to walk some of the hills in the last mile, but my bum was so stiff by this point that it felt better to slowly run the hills. Plus, my ego was watching my pace hover closer to 10 minute pace and I wanted to keep the pace under 10. I finally hit 25 miles a few blocks from my house and walked to rest of the way home. Finish time was 4:08:50, for a 9:58 pace. I'm okay with that.

This coming week may be a cutback week. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I'm rethinking my schedule and will probably not taper for Hagg. I'm setting my sights on Pacific Rim, which isn't too far off. Time to start getting serious!


Joe said...

What a cool trip downtown and back, Sarah!! Way to work through the pain and "longness" of it. You nearly ran a marathon today!! Way to go!!

Here's hoping for a snow day tomorrow!!

robtherunner said...

Great week, Sarah! I am hoping for some snow as well. Good luck with your training for Pac Rim. I am setting my sights on that one as well.

Backofpack said...

Pac Rim - I'll see you going round & round! I'm aiming for 12-14 hours there, but we'll see. May take a little longer.

I almost fell a few times today - thank goodness I kept my footing. Glad you rebounded from your slip okay. And 25 miles? That's some serious training!

rick said...

Wow you too for Pac Rim huh. I'm the same way, I can't round up. I was out for my long run Saturday and when I found out I only needed 20 more minutes to make it 4 hours I found a way to stay out even though a huge part of me just wanted to head home.

Addy said...

Awesome job on the 50+ week! I've only had a few of those, and they were always amazing.

How exciting about Pac Rim :) I'd love to do a timed event sometime, and the 24 hour one sounds like the perfect thing to test you limits.

I'm definitely the same about rounding as well. Once we did 25.5 and I tried to beg my group to do just an extra .7 so that it could be a 'marathon' run. No dice...they're older and far less proccupied with numbers than I and told me to just relax about the number :)

I still like whole numbers though!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

way to go on the 50+ miles! that's awesome!

and wow - sounds like some interesting winter weather :)

olga said...

Holly cow! Under 10 pace for 25 miles!
It was a great morning in Forest park, with light snow on the trail, but nothing bad at all, and warm. However, I had a change of plans due to all those kids...long story, I only had a touch over 4 hrs, and ran 21M. Here went my 80...didn't happen:)

Bob Gentile said...

Better Faster Stronger!! That is You, COngrats ur doing awesome, Way to Knock out 50!

Jessica Deline said...

geesh. I haven't run a 50 mile week yet but hopefully will have several this year.

Sarah Elaine said...

Nice job on the 50+ miles!

Bret said...

I can barely get in 50 miles in the summer. Awesome doing that much in the cold weather.
I want to do Pacific Rim this year too. But so far I have to work that weekend, slight chance still that I may get it off. Last year I did just a 50K there. I ran downtown loop on Sunday too.

Darrell said...

50+ is sweet.

Be careful with that piriformis. Mine's been bugging me for over a year now, can't seem to get it fixed.