Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nice end to a good week

This week, I bumped up the cross-training and started adding some more miles. Consequently, I thought the long run this weekend would be a struggle but it wasn't. Here's a snaphot of my week:

Monday morning: 35 minutes, full-body strength training with one of my dvd's.
Tuesday morning: 6 miles
Tuesday noon: 1 hr yoga class
Wednesday morning: 6 miles
Wednesday noon: 35 minutes weights at gym, mainly legs, chest and back
Thursday morning 6.3 miles
Thursday noon: 1 hr yoga class
Friday morning: 30 minutes abs dvd
Friday noon: 1 hr yoga class
Saturday morning: 5.75 miles
Sunday morning: 17.5 miles on Wildwood at 11:30 pace
Total miles for the week: 41.5

Now that I'm sitting in my warm, cozy house, it seems crazy to want to go out and run in the gray, dreary, steady rain. But this morning's rainy run wasn't that bad. At 7:30 am I started at the Birch trail, which is a short .25 spur to the 7.5 mark of Wildwood. The plan was to run to Salzman Rd (mile 16) and back, for 17.5. The rain was steady and the temps in the low to mid 40's. I wore a hat, long sleeve shirt, jacket, skirt, gloves and waterproof mitts. Last winter I started developing a mild case of Reynaud's Syndrome. I've always suffered from cold extremities (cold hands, warm heart!), but last winter was the first time my fingers would lose circulation and turn white. So I'm making an effort to keep my fingers warm and dry this winter. I started out a touch cold, but soon warmed up and didn't feel cold again until just a few miles before the end of my run.

I guess its been awhile since I've run on Wildwood, because I was missing all my landmarks. I find that the look of the trail really changes with the seasons. At one point I was daydreaming and almost kept going straight on the Maple trail at a spot where Wildwood switches up. I actually became disoriented and had to do a double take on the sign. Weird! The trail was muddy and wet, but not too slippery. No falls or near falls.

Just as I arrived at my turnaround spot, Olga and Mike appeared from the other direction. You would have thought we had planned it that way! They were continuing on the same direction I was now going, so we got to run together for a few miles. Hopefully we'll have a chance to run together on Wildwood some more this winter.

After they turned around, I continued on my merry way. I crossed paths with two groups of ultra runners. Both times I got a little boost and I felt like I was keeping a pretty good pace on my return trip. I did start to drag a little bit on the final two miles. I'm experimenting with my fuel and decided to try plain water and gels. I had two gels, one at the beginning and one at the turnaround. I also had some candied ginger along the way, probably about 8 small pieces total. I think one more gel (approximately 1 per hour) would have been better.

I finished my 17.5 mile run in 3 hrs 22 minutes with exactly even splits for the out and back. Marc says I'm making him look like a weenie by going out running in the rain while he stays home watching football. I guess I won't argue with that!


Sarah Elaine said...

Nice week of yoga and running! Even splits all the way out and back on your long run is impressive, too. I can never seem to manage a steady pace and it's one of the things I strive for. Need more experience, I guess...

BTW, I have tagged you. :-)

robtherunner said...

Nice running, Sarah!

Backofpack said...

We just talked about Reynauds this morning. Someone suggested hand warmers - do you think that would work? When it's really cold, I wear mittens over my gloves, but I don't have Reynauds, I just get cold!

Good deal on all the cross training. You must be motivated. And, tell Marc, around here we'd be calling him a rain-wimp.

Joe said...

Wow, what a great week!

Glad you can analyze the cold-finger thing, Sarah (I can't spell the real name :-) ) You'll figure out how to manage it.

Mud, rain, run...yeah, you're tougher than Marc the couch holder downer!!!!

mtnrunR said...

your gearing up for another great year Sarah

olga said...

It was a great perk to see you right when I whined we still have to go out before we turn-around:) I got cold hands last few miles and then shivered for another 2 hrs - I have thyroid, it gets like that.
Lots of yoga! That's awesome, really. And lots of miles too!!!

Addy said...

how lovely to run into running friends on the trails :)

awesomely full week you had there. Glad it went so well. You're starting your planned winter training off to a wonderful start!

rick said...

Wow look at all those double workout days! I hardly see any ultra runners on my run. I know they're out there I just never see them. Anyway great run, rain and all.

PNW Runner said...

I'm jealous of your trail running. I've tried hand warmers once at a race and they work great so it's not a bad idea.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

what great training!!!

Bret said...

Nice job Sarah. I am so jealous. I am having a real problem getting motivated to run. Just one little injury after another. Plus I havent adapted to the weather and darkness yet. Reynaud's Syndrome? Gail has that too. A few of her fingers get super white and painful. She often puts heat packs in her gloves to keep her hands warm. We bought a case of them at Costco.