Sunday, November 11, 2007

I don't like odd numbers

Year to date marathons and/or ultras: 9

Can't leave it at that so I registered for the Christmas Marathon on December 16th. That will likely be my last race for 2007. Does the Purge and Splurge count as a race? If so, I'm in trouble.

This week was a recovery week from last Saturday's 50 miler. But I probably needed a mental recovery more than a physical recovery. I wasn't sore at all, which really surprised me. Especially considering that the run was on pavement. Actually, I did have one sore right arm from carrying my hand held bottle for 10 hours straight.

My total mileage for this week was 26.5, but I'm ready to start building that again. My goals for the winter are to maintain a 40 mile per week base, keep up my yoga practice 1-2 times per week, and increase my weight training. I usually do some sort of strength training at home on Monday and Friday mornings before work. However I have access to a fairly decent gym at work. For starters I'm going to add a gym session on Wednesdays at lunch. My focus will be on training with heavier weights than I have available at home. Gotta build some muscle! I'm pretty much a classic ectomorph body type. On the plus side, I don't easily gain weight, especially if I'm running at least 25-30 miles a week. However, my strength is lacking and any muscle I do gain is easily lost if I don't work to maintain it. Even thin people can be flabby! When I'm tired the first thing to go are the strength workouts. I rarely skip a run. So I'm going to work hard over the winter to make strength training more of a priority.

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." Carl Bard


Backofpack said...

Yes, us endomorphs are jealous of you ectomorphs...I love eating way too much for my body type!

The Christmas marathon huh? We'll be missing that one, we are both signed up for Ghost of Seattle and Last Chance instead.

Good luck with the lifting!

Jamie said...

10 is indeed a nice round number. Awesome. I've been thinking about incorporating weight training myself lately.

Joe said...

Endo, ecto...shoot, I just overpronate!!!

Glad you bounced back so well from the 50 miler, Sarah. What a cool time for you!!

Enjoy the winter strength work!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

ha! i love it! gotta have 10!

Sarah Elaine said...

Sarah - You're a perfect 10! Or at least... you're gonna be. :-)

Green-with-envy Canuck Endomorph

PNW Runner said...

You know, this is my opportunity to meet you person after all. I'm thinking about the 1/2. Now I haven't read the course description yet, but hopefully it's not a double out and back for you guys b/c I think that's just crazy. But then again, who am I to complain when I only do the 1/2. Good luck with your plans this winter.

Darrell said...

I don't know Sarah but that Purge and Slurge sounds a lot like an event to me. ;-)

Way to bounce back from the 50.

olga said...

Purge and Splurge IS considered a race by Maniacs calendar (BTW, you better email them the date and name, I am sure we'll see lots of names signing up). Too bad I'll have to miss on it this year - Russia trip...I'd rather run the WW! Build up that strength, girl, use the gym, it's free and oh, so close!

Journey to a Centum said...

I suppose running one of the "Holiday Marathons" put on by Bob Green will be OK. I'm not a big fan of the course however since I've have never run it I'll let you discover for yourself. Lots of county road time with cars whooshing past.

Many Maniacs keep going back for more at these runs so I guess I just have a low tolerance for the traffic. Bob always has an abundance of food at the finish.

Funny, I was just looking at my numbers thinking about even numbers too! I'm going to take my life time numbers to 25 marathons and 10 50K Ultras by end of year. Ghost and Last Chance for the Marathons and the Dumb Ass 50K on Tiger Mt. for the Ultra. I think I'll let the 50 mile and 100 mile numbers stand for now.

Have fun in the gym!

Trail Scat

Sarah said...

I ran one of the holiday 1/2 marathons a few years back and wasn't thrilled about the roads. So I know what I'm getting into, but figure its the best of my options, all things considered. : )

rick said...

I have to do that too, make weight training a priority. I stopped two years ago. Just couldn't keep up with all the training and racing between two sports but this season old weaknesses have come back. Gotta shore up and maintain the muscles. We will be lifting this winter!

robtherunner said...

I actually like the Christmas Marathon and if it wasn't for the Dumb Ass 50k on that Saturday and the other free runs in the area I would probably consider it. And like Olga said, the Purge and Splurge is defintitely considered a race per Maniac standards.

Steve Walters said...

Purge & Splurge does count, I had Marc add it to the calendar. I'll be at Christmas and Purge & Splurge. I saw you out there at Autumn Leaves, hope to meet you at Christmas.

Addy said...

I'm with Michelle :) You lucky ectomorph you ;)

10 sounds like a perfect number to end with. I'll be finishing my marathon/ultra season with an uneven 7, but as 7 is my favorite number, I'm good with that :)

Sounds like some good goals for winter. I"m with you on the more strength training and the 40 mpw base. Hopefully I'll be back up there soon.