Sunday, November 25, 2007

Butt-kickin' on Wildwood

Yesterday I answered Olga's call to meet up at Germantown Rd for a run on Wildwood. She was planning on 4.5 hours. Since I had only run 17.5 last week, I was thinking of turning around after 10 miles or 2 hours, whichever came first. Joining us were Rob, Adrien, Bret and Rick. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to talk much with Bret or Rick. I took off with Rob, Olga and Adrien, while Bret and Rick hung back and went a shorter distance since they have the Tucson marathon next week.

All three, Olga, Rob and Adrien, are faster and more experienced runners than me. But Olga was sick and it was supposed to be an easier paced run for her anyway, so the way out didn't feel too hard. The only time I felt a little stressed on the way out was when I stopped to water a bush and had to pick it up a bit to catch up. As we neared my planned turnaround spot, I mentioned my intentions of only doing 20. Olga has this very nonchalant way of bringing you into her world. Of course I was going all the way. We'd walk. It would be fine. So there was no arguing about that. It was decided. I'd keep going. : )

On the way back we eventually started to spread out. At one point I was in the lead with Adrien right behind. I finally told him I was losing gas and let him go ahead. Then Rob passed me too. Olga was behind, but not too far. With 5 miles to go, I started wishing I had only done the 20. But as the mileage starting ticking down, I felt more energized. The way back felt harder, but wasn't slower. I finished 23.75 miles in 4:27 (2:12 out, 3 minutes at the turnaround, and 2:12 back). Doesn't seem right, but I guess the watch doesn't lie. At an 11:14 pace, I think that's the fastest I've ever run for a 20+ mile run on Wildwood. Thanks Olga, Rob and Adrien for carrying me along! It was a real butt-kicking workout for me. I felt good at the end (and today), but last evening I was ready to crash by 9pm.

Also, thanks to everyone who suggested hand warmers. I had bought some a few weeks ago and since the temps were in the low 30's, yesterday was a good time to try them out. I will use them from now on whenever the temps are in the 30's or below. My fingers did get cold near the end, but I just pulled them out of the glove fingers and clutched the warmers. Next time I'll try them with my mittens. I've also continued my fueling experiment of carrying plain water and gels. It helped that Olga reminded us when to gel. I went through 4 gels, a few ginger pieces and one bag of blok-like fuel made by Luna, that I got in my last zombierunner order. I'm definitely happier with the plain water and can't wait to try it in a race. No more worrying about some crummy sports drink provided or having to bring my own.

I should go out for a run today. It's a glorious, sunny day. But I have 42.5 for the week and I'm happy with that. I'm going to wait until January to start upping the mileage. I've stuffed my running gear into my carry-on and am looking forward to some runs in sunnier, warmer southern California this week.


olga said...

I had to look up "nonchalant" just in case you're bashing me:) You rocked! And how was your watch say 2:12, when mine said same, and I was later? Well, I stopped it for a minute to get my i-pod out, but still, you must have been done for a bit before me! Anyhow, anytime, nonchalant and casual, I will bring you back for a long run:) I am done away with 50M this week, so I'll sping today in the evening and use some yoga time, and for now just lay down and feel sick and boohoo poor me...thinking back on a great run!

Backofpack said...

That sounds like a great run with the gang! Someday we'll come down just to run the famous WW trails. I was surprised this morning to see a total of 48 miles for me for the week - I obviously forgot to taper last week!

Joe said...

What a cool run, Sarah. Neat to do it with friends and Olga's encouragement. Awesome you ran the 2nd half as quick as the first. You are quite the trail guru!

Glad you have some hope for your cool hands! Enjoy the time in soCal.

Joe said...

Oh, yes, Sarah, I made a way for you to download the run/walk spreadsheet...go back to my blog and see the updated links.

Thanks for your interest!

robtherunner said...

It was great to run with you yesterday as well. I was glad to make it back with a negative split as well. Mostly because I was so tired I just wanted to be done. I think 2008 will be another break out year for you.

wendy said...

you did great on the run, and yes, you're right, the watch doesn't lie. =)

I'm glad you had such good company on this run, and I liked your weird things, those were pretty funny.

Have a good time in SD.

Darrell said...

Great run! How funny that Olga "bullied" you into the extra miles. 8-)

Bret said...

Sarah, what an awesome run for you. I wish we could have chatted. Next time for sure. I was so tempted to run to fire lane 2 but I am glad I held back as I haven't done a long run in a while.
I think I will change my blog to "Olga's Turtles", as I can never catch up to her!

San Diego in the winter??? I want your job. I spend tuesday night in Edmonton, Canada! Only supposed to get down to -6 I think.

Check out Costco for boxes of the hand warmers. They used to sell them pretty cheap in "costco" size.

rick said...

You're faster and stronger, what with all the training you've done. Running with faster and more experienced runners always spices up things and makes you dig deeper.

Let me know how you like the clif blok type fuel from Luna. I have a couple of boxes from the Nike Women's Marathon. I was going to give them away at track next year. Let me know and I can send you a bunch.

Sarah Elaine said...

Sounds like a great training run! I can just imagine that with those guys, there'd be no question about finishing. And I bet it felt rewarding to do so. Good job!

mtnrunR said...

you have become quite the little runner.

Pinkcorker said...

Yeah Tucson! I won't be doing it, but I'll be there to cheer people on...
Love the new Luna 'moons' in Watermelon!
Congrats on such a great run. Sounds like a neat place to run.

Journey to a Centum said...

I wish I could have made this run with you guys! Sounds like a great day on the trails!


Bob Gentile said...

Olga has this very nonchalant way of bringing you into her world.

Glad you continued and had a goood push as well as good time!! You have had a great 2007 Season! COngrats!

PNW Runner said...

Sounds like a great time and nice run, always a bonus to put in more than you intended.

Addy said...

wow...awesome job! What a fabulous run :D. Congrats on pushing through and getting in some serious mileage :)