Saturday, August 18, 2007

I decided to change the name of my least temporarily. The url is the same so it shouldn't mess up anyone's feeds. I'm still hooked on trails...they're my favorite place to run. But the new title reflects how I've been feeling lately. Wanting to live in the moment. Wanting to enjoy and appreciate life as it is happening now.

In running news, I skipped my Tuesday run and walked 4 miles. Since I maintained a 15 minute pace I decided to add the mileage to my running log. Walking is good practice for ultra's, right? I skipped Wednesday's run and went out for a 6 mile run on Thursday. The first 5 felt great, but my hip started to hurt the last mile. Thursday I also had an adjustment and received some helpful advice from my chiropractor, who specializes in sports medicine. I wasn't able to get in for a massage but scheduled one (and another adjustment) in two weeks.

Today I went out for another 6. I had a moderate amount of pain the whole run, but I could feel it getting better as my hip loosened up. I'm going to keep up the stretching and foam rolling and stick to moderate runs, as long as it doesn't get worse. Although I'm still feeling some pain when I run, it's staying isolated right at my hip. I know the corresponding muscles I need to work on strengthening too. I feel like I know my body well enough that I know when I can keep pushing and when I need to pull back and rest. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to some longer runs soon.

My next event is the Timberline Marathon on Sept 15th. I probably won't be as well trained as I would like. But I feel like my overall fitness level is high enough that I don't need to worry about it. I'll just go out and enjoy. Life is now.


Backofpack said...

It's good you are being cautious - kudos to you because that is something most of us struggle with. I like the new picture in the header - that's Marc in front of you, isn't it?

Joe said...

Glad the hip loosened up with time...hope it keeps improving.

Like your title!! Enjoy the day, today!!

Sarah said...

Thanks! Yes, the pic is from the 2006 PCT 50/50 that Marc and I ran together...our first ultra!

wendy said...

I always hear Olga talk about Powerwalking, so good for you! =)

I'm glad to hear that you're loosening up a bit - hopefully your appointment in 2 weeks will be really, really great, and you'll be free and clear!

I think Michelle says, the hay is in the barn, or something like that - you're baseline for mileage is pretty good, so it will come back to you!

rick said...

Yup those foam rollers are great. I just recently re-joined a gym to address my issues as well. Probably similar to what you have to do, stretching and strengthening. Good luck to your recovery.

Sarah Elaine said...

I like the new look and name. I liked the old one, too, but sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

I find yoga helps my hips and knees a lot before long runs.

Thanks for the book title, by the way. I will definitely buy it!

Addy said...

Very nice new name :) A great sentiment to try to model.

Walking is awesome training for an ultra, especially at 15 min/mile. Heck, if I have an average of 15 min/mile in a long trail run, I"m thrilled ;)

Good that you know your body well. Hope you'll be feeling like new in no time!

robtherunner said...

I like the new name, but of course I liked the old one as well. You'll be fine for Timberline. I hope to run that one of these years.

Bob Gentile said...

Pick one Rob, which one do u like?--lol!!! Love the new name, way to stay in the present!!

Heal up well Sarah & u do have a good mileage base and will do great on ur Sept 15th event!

Keep positive, you will heal faster!

Journey to a Centum said...

I was peeking at the Timberline Marathon just today! I won't commit to anything until after CC100 but it's a possiblility.

I like the new blog name. Hope the hip works itself out.

Take care and run healthy!

Journey to a Centum said...

Per your comment on my blog, I may be rational but not too smart... Read my new rambling

Ryan said...

I like the new title...change is good! Keep the running/walking and make the necessary adjustments day to day...good luck with that pesky hip!

stephruns said...

I love the new blog name. When it comes down to writing about negative things I'm always very careful - I guess I just don't want to make it more permanent by seeing it back on white - compared the joyful things that deserve to be there - a bit superstitious!

Glad to hear your hip is getting better!