Monday, August 13, 2007

If you can't write anything nice.....

don't write anything at all.

That's the way I've been feeling lately. I'm generally a very optimistic person. Even when things aren't going well, I always try to put a positive spin on things. But I'm in a bit of a funk right now. There isn't just one thing, but lots of things from different aspects of my life (and only a few I'll discuss here) that are adding up.

On the running front, a week ago my running seemed to be picking up again. I was over my virus and ready to start ramping up the miles again. But last Tuesday, somewhat out of the blue, I started to experience some hip pain. It was surprisingly painful, considering I couldn't think of anything specific that caused it. I've had on and off again pain in my right hip since 2001 when I ran my first marathon. The eventual diagnosis was that I suffer from muscles imbalances. With strength training and the occasional massage and chiropractic adjustment I've been able to keep it bay, even for years at a time. And when I start feeling that familiar twinge, a few sessions with the foam roller usually takes care of it. But last week I felt the pain all week and nothing seemed to help. I kept up my regular mid-week run schedule which was probably a mistake. Finally I got some sense and decided to take off Saturday (Friday was already a non-running day). Sunday I went out to Forest Park and ran 15 miles on Wildwood and Leif. That was probably a bad idea, since my hip ached the rest of the day. But I just couldn't stay away. The unusual aspect is that the pain is pretty much isolated on the muscles around the hip. In the past, the hip pain would often cause pain in my thigh and sometimes knee too.

This morning I feel a lot better, but I'll probably just walk and walk/run this week until the pain is totally gone. As for the source, I'm thinking that the fall I took the weekend before last jarred my hip. I didn't feel pain at the time, but a few days later my upper arms were sore. I hadn't done an upper body workout so I think that pain was DOMS from bracing myself as I landed. That fall may have whacked my hip too. So I'm taking it slow and trying not to get too anxious that I have some upcoming races that I really don't want to miss.

Also, I wanted to clarify something from my last post. Sharon has been my number one running buddy for the last year or two. And running together has definitely brought us closer together. A lot can be discussed on a 4+ hour run. But we were friends before we were running partners. We've known each other 12 years and since we work at the same place (different departments) we see each other a lot. So while I'm sad to be losing my running partner, I'm really truly sad about losing the day to day relationship with my friend. I can run by myself if need be, but good friends are hard to come by.


Joe said...

Yeah, that funk does happen, Sarah. I suspect you may be accurate on the diagnosis of the hip pain, stemming from the recent fall.

Stay with the your routines...take care of the key people in your life. Know the support of many around you.

And be glad you don't have to suffer through this midwest summer heat and humidity!!! That's enough to put a smile right on your face!!!

rick said...

Sorry to hear you're in a funk. Happens to the best of us. I think you're doing the right thing resting. Not being able to run only adds to the funk but the rest helps so much.

Well thank goodness that she's only 2 hours away, at least there will be some chances for a run here and there and some get togethers. It really bites when friends move out of state.

olga said...

Good friends are tresures to cherish. I agree, running partners are one thing, day-to-day is another.
Hope your hip problem gets fixed by rest. May be see a specialist?

Addy said...

Sorry abou the funk, Sarah. I know we all hit them, but that often seems to be little consolation when you're in the middle of one. Hope you can find a means to mediate the hip pain.

Good friends are definitely hard to come by, and cannot be supplemented in any way the same way as just a simple running partner can. Hopefully you'll find new and enjoyable ways of keeping the relationship strong. Having moved a lot in the last few year (well, twice, but it seems like a lot) it's been interesting trying to keep my important connections strong, but it's been good in some ways as well.

Hope things start looking up for you soon!

Backofpack said...

Seems like it could be related to the virus as well - localized muscle ache. I hope it passes soon.

It's hard to have a good friend leave - it leaves a gap in your life that can take a long time to fill.

Hope you feel better soon!

robtherunner said...

I'll reiterate what everyone else said and I hope that the pain and the funk disappear real soon.

Sarah Elaine said...

Lord knows, I've had my share of being in a funk from time to time. Perfectly normal, though no one ever said that normal was particularly fun - at least, not all the time.

You're tough. And strong. You'll be back to yourself sooner, rather than later, me thinks.

~concrete angel~ said...

Hi Sarah!

Hope you feel better soon. Just getting out of my own funk. In regards to the hip pain -- if it continues I'd recommend looking up an ART (active release technique) person in your area. ART is called "surgery w/o the knife" and is essentially intense massage designed to do things like separate attached muscles (attached by scar tissue). The guy I go to is great. "Muscle imbalance" is likely a contributor, but is kind of vague. The guy I go to will notice (and fix) things like if my pelvis is rotated too far forward, if the IT band is attached to the quad muscle (again, by scar tissue)...all immediately helpful. I once had a sore IT band for 2 months w/ no running and little improvement, but after 2 visits it stopped hurting. Just a's helped me and a couple of my friends (one who's a big time competitive karate guy).

Bob Gentile said...

CONCRETE ANGEL said: designed to do things like separate attached muscles
hold on!!!!! YIKES... stop the presses!!!!

NOBODY said when I got started in this running thingy anything about separating my muscles :-( I really think going back to my online poker habits is looking better and better everyday-lolol

Sarah I hope I brought a little smile to ur face :-)

Funks are part of good ole' life...your smart, strong & have a great heart, you will get out of it & please don't dwell to long on the funk that does happen from time to time...switch ur thinking to the blessings u have in ur life!! and even go as far as putting it on paper and reading it daily if need be!!

Carrie said...

Just a note to say that I hope you're doing ok. There's a lot of change going on for you right now, including working hard for a goal and not reaching it (regardless of how valid the circumstances were).

Hang in there. It's summer. Go eat berries and go on a hike.

Bret said...

Don't you just hate injuries? With your hip that is what has worked best for me is the roller. Sometimes I think we may over train and it mentally starts to effect us too.
Sorry about your good friend, thats pretty sad but like you said its good for her.
Sometime you should come run with Rick, Gail and I. We are pretty good at chatting and sometimes we even run while we are doing it!

Ryan said...

It's probably just a whole bunch of things coming together at once, take it easy on yourself and in a few days slowly work back into the routine, NO WORRIES!