Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A taper of sorts

The Eugene Marathon is this Sunday so that means I'm tapering, right?

Well...sorta, not really. So far I've violated a few of the biggies on Donald's tips to a terrific taper.

Lets' see, I've:

1) run longer than 15 miles,
2) run hills,
3) kept up my strength training...although I haven't done any leg work,
4) I plan to run longer than three miles during the last four days.

That said, I am taking it a lot easier this week. On Mondays I usually do a full body strength training routine. This week I skipped the lower body portion. Then yesterday I ran my normal six. This morning I would have gone out for a 10 mile run, but instead "slept in" until six and did the strength training routine (minus the legs) that I normally would do on Friday. Tomorrow I'll run my normal, hilly eight. Friday is usually more strength training, but I'll play it by ear. I may take the time for more rest or just do abs. Saturday will be rest.

Now that I think about it, I guess in the realm of ultra training, that's a serious taper. But I'm certainly not expecting to have a PR race on Sunday. That's okay. I'm viewing it as a supported training run anyway.

I've also been thinking about my strategy. I may run with my GPS to help with maintaining a steady pace. However the few times I've tried to wear it in a big race its gone all wonky on me. I wonder if there's the possibility of interference with all the other runner's gadgets. Maybe I'll try the virtual training partner just for fun. Or I may not think about my pace and just run how I feel and see what happens.

Whatever I decide, I'm certainly looking forward to running this inaugural race. (Or is it a re-inaugural?)

And meeting up with some maniacs and other running bloggers (Michelle, Eric, Rob, Darrell, etc.) is sure to be fun!


olga said...

Taper is overrated, and I expect you to PR. Sorry for putting pressure on:) but I do think you are in perfect shape for it, sans bad stuff happening.
Say hi to all and enjoy!

Backofpack said...

You'll do great. I wouldn't be tapering much if I could help it. On the other hand, I've got some really good sleep the last couple days! See you Saturday!

Bob Gentile said...

Good luck Sarah & watch out if you listen to Olga you will be running over 100 miles per week wearing a Montrail shirt soon :-)

HAVE Fun this weekend!! You are going to do Awesome!

mtnrunR said...

do you know what you will be wearing? i'll be taking some pictures and rooting on friends. ticer is going for a sub 2:40! dang fast 50 year old!

Joe said...

The GPS usually is affected by downtown buildings, not other GPS units. When I ran Portland in October, it didn't function at all until we got past downtown and turned back south along the river. later, it conked out due to the huge bluff on the left as we headed to St John Bridge. So, don't worry. It still functions as a really good stopwatch!!

If you're not going for a PR, the taper is a lot less critical. You are fine, IMHO.

Have a great race and say hi to all my PNW pals!!! Wish I could see you all again and have some long conversations!!!

Bob Gentile said...

LOLOL Ya Sarah I will but together another "BRUTAL" workout video--hahhhaa I was like this VIDEO is sooooooooo lame WHY am I posting it... did you see me say the next one I will do will be taping my toes--lol

anyways, I really DO believe that track work stuff will help me in ULTRA's ...anything that is that hard has to HELP--LOL sooooo get ur butt over there & try IT :-)

Sarah Elaine said...

I'll look forward to hearing how your experience with the GPS goes. Mine konks out on me too, from time to time, but I can never figure out why.

All the best for a fabulous race!

stephruns said...

Have a great race. You'll do great with all your hard work.

Addy said...

Hope you have an awesome time out there this weekend! Tapering is definitely overrated, especially if you aren't going for the PR. Your lack of a serious taper will just make you stronger :)

Can't wait to hear about it!

~concrete angel~ said...

Best of luck! Go get 'em!

Was checking out blogs and yours is cool so thought I'd say hi :) Feel free to come visit me as well:)

Sounds like you're doing great!