Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Taper is overrated"

Time: 4:16:21
pace: 9:48
10k: 1:01:25
half: 2:08:57
20 mile: 3:16:50
last 10k: 59:31

I'd like to dedicate this PR to Olga, whose previous comment, quoted in the title above, gave me the courage to go for a PR despite wanting to run this marathon as "just a training run." I smashed my previous PR by 16 minutes and felt pretty good doing it too!

It was great getting to meet up with fellow bloggers and maniacs, Michelle, Eric, Darrell, Jenny, Rob and others in the maniac fold. This was my first marathon running as a maniac and it was great having so many instant friends out on the course!

Race report to follow.....


mtnrunR said...

Awesome run!!! Negative spits ta boot!!! I have few pictures of you. I will let you know when they are ready soon. Give me a day or so. (if you want to use the pictures by all means do!)

Great job and it was a great day! You looked awesome out there. Soooo comfortable!

rick said...

Good job on the run! So nice. I've had a couple of races where I went in with the training mindset only to go for broke and PR. On the other hand I do love a good taper (one week into a two week taper right now).

Backofpack said...

Sarah! Way to go! I must be tired, I was looking at my blog list and for the life of me could not remember the name of your blog. I think I hear my bed a-calling! Congrats on the PR, and thanks for swinging by last night. It was great seeing you again!

olga said...

Yee-haa, Sarah!!! I knew it, I knew it!!! Never doubt yourself, hear me? Can't wait to hear the report, but basically - you rock, girl, welcome to "race myself in shape" program!

Jessica Deline said...

Great job. Wow!!

Angie said...

holy sh!t, by 16 minutes?! CRAZYAwesome!!!!

Carrie said...

Wow Sarah. Way to go. That change in routine and training has made you stronger and 'fitter' and you didn't even realize it. Way to just 'plug along' and get better!