Sunday, March 11, 2007

I prefer good morning

I logged 36 miles this week. It would have been higher, but I skipped Saturday's run and instead went snowshoeing with Sharon and another friend and running partner, Janet. The forecast a few days out was for rain, even up on the mountain. But we lucked out and enjoyed a pleasantly cool day, with temps probably in the mid-30's to 40 and no rain until we were on our way back to Portland. We hiked the Twin Lakes trail, starting at the Frog Lake snow park. Part of our hike was along some of the PCT trail that's also part of the PCT 50k/50m. When I ran the 50k last summer, we had ideal, unseasonably cool weather. But there's the possibility that it could be in the 90's or more this year. So as we hiked along the snow-covered PCT, I told myself I was going to forge this memory into my brain so I could retrieve it in the potentially dusty, sweltering hours I'll spend there this July. Our snowshoe hike wasn't far so I didn't feel challenged aerobically. But my muscles got a good workout and it was great to spend some time out in nature with friends.

Today I wasn't able to get out for my long run until 12:30. Note to self: In future, consider loss of ideal training time before signing up husband for ultra. : ) I headed out to Wildwood and decided on a 16 mile out and back starting at the Birch trailhead. It felt weird to be out there in the afternoon. And I was surprised I didn't see more people out. But despite the warm weather, the sky was gray and it felt like it could rain any minute. I'm used to saying good morning and almost did to the first person I saw. But then I caught myself in time and just said hi. I prefer good morning. But good afternoon sounds too formal, so hi it is.

The first few miles didn't feel that great. My Achilles and calves were aching, probably due to the snowshoeing the day before. I told myself it could be a slow day. Finally I was starting to get into a groove. The best part was when I crested a small hill and had a moment of pure clarity. I thought to myself: This is what it means to be alive!

The way back seemed slow and I walked a lot of a long hill I had run the week before. But it turns out I ran a fairly even pace. And faster than when I run Wildwood with Sharon. I know that she's faster when she runs by herself too. So maybe we're having too much fun out there and need to push it a bit more when we're together. But I wouldn't want to get rid of all the fun. : ) Next week I'd like to bump up my mileage into the 40's. Hopefully that will include a long run in the 25 to 30 mile range.


Darrell said...

Good morning.

Snow shoeing sounds like some good cross training.

Backofpack said...

I absent-mindedly say "good morning" to people all day long! I'm glad to hear some one else tries to do it too - though it sounds like you are better at catching yourself than I am.

Beautiful pictures! Isn't it funny how you feel faster with friends and slower alone, but the opposite is true?

Journey to a Centum said...

Good on you for taking a break from running. Glad you had a good time! Since I usually run in the morning I catch myself saying good morning to people on trails when I'm running in the afternoon. I'm sure they suspect lack of blood to the brain!


olga said...

Sore ankles and calves are definitely from snowshoeing, at least I felt some too. But it was good to do, right? :)
I agree on solo runs as faster ones - I actually like to train alone. I mean, I like runs with people, but I train better alone unless I have a fast and very dedicated partner. I still find myself to complain more with a partner:) A simpathetic ear I guess.

robtherunner said...

Snow shoeing sounds like lots of fun. Good idea to put that cool thought in your head to retrieve at the end of July.

Donald said...

It freaks me out to still be seeing pictures of snow. I'm glad you had fun - you can keep the snow, though.

Kim said...

Snow shoe-ing was a good xtraining excercise. And I hear you about memorizing the ice and snow for later events on the same trail.

stephruns said...

that must be so much fun - snowshoeing. Some day I want to try!

rick said...

25-30 mile long runs, nice. So Marc taking so of your time huh, you guys should taking turns taking advantage of the morning hours?

I heard snowshoeing can be a really great workout. I'd like to try it someday. I've hear of snowshoe 10ks.

Bob Gentile said...

I am up on travel in NJ and could snow/sleeeet shoe--lol your pictures look a lot nicer then what is here :-(

Sarah SAID:I prefer good morning. But good afternoon sounds too formal, so hi it is.

is that too long, well U have to say it really fast :-)