Sunday, March 04, 2007

A few updates

Today Sharon and I ran 12 on Wildwood, which brought my weekly total up to 31. My goal is for a 50k weekly minimum mileage. We had talked about running 10, but I had a 12 mile option in mind. And since we were feeling pretty good we went for the 12. Wildwood was muddier than I've ever seen it, but after Hagg Lake, I'll never feel the same way about mud. Bring it on. We are having a burst of spring weather today and it was an awesome morning for a run. I even wore shorts. Apologies to everyone that I blinded with my white legs. And I practiced carrying a handheld. Felt good. But I need to keep practicing with it.

Sharon must have enjoyed her first 50k, because she's talking about running Mac with me too. Today at coffee she made a comment that started with the words "If you convince me to run McDonald Forest...." Hey, hold it right there! I may have convinced her to run a marathon, and I may have sucked her into the ultra world. But I'm not going to let her blame me for anything else. From this point forward, the decision is all yours, Sharon! But if you're reading this you know I'd love it if you wanted to run it with me. : )

I'm sending in my registration for the Lake Youngs Ultra on June 9th. It looks like a nice way to get in some big miles. And if I can make it to the early start I may try to get in four loops.


robtherunner said...

Yeah for signing up for Lake Youngs. I just sent my registration in as well.

olga said...

Isn't it gorgeous today??!! Bring her in, suck the poor soul:) And good on ya for finding new ultras to explore!

Backofpack said...

We'll be missing LY because we'll be at North Discovery in Sequim. If you are up the day before, maybe we can do dinner or coffee or something.

Journey to a Centum said...

AP Report: Wildwood Trail, Portland Oregon

Subject: Runners blinded by fish belly white legs.

Story: The trail running community in Oregon was shocked today by the sighting of a runners fish belly white legs on the trails near the city of Portland Oregon. Up to eight trail runners were permanently blinded when exposed to the brilliant whiteness of Sarah's legs. This will permanently end these runners trail running days because sadly there are no blind trail runners.

When asked why she exposed her legs she said "it was just bursting with spring weather today and I had to wear shorts".

Sarah was issued a citation for incandescent exposure and released. She will be required to wear full length running tights or if she chooses to wear shorts she must apply Coppertone "tan-in-a-can" before her next trail run.

The last reported blinding incident of this nature ocurred in Seattle in at the 2003 Ballard Lutefisk festival when an adult male of Norwegian heritage removed his shirt in spring like weather exposing 100's of festival attendees.

Darrell said...

Do you have a little connection with the Soprano's, we should know about? Sarah, the intimidator, LOL! It is so great that you have each other to share the runs with.

mtnrunR said...

Where do you get your crystallized ginger? Do you just put it in your water bottles?

Joe said...

Son Nathan called me from Portland to tell me how beautiful it was there. He got a double laugh to hear how bitterly cold it is in the Midwest. Enjoy the weather. Enjoy the trails!! How cool!

Ginger Breadman said...

Be careful with your friends and that 'running' thing - it's contagious!

~nattie~ said...

took me a while to get used to the handheld, too, but now it's my preferred hydration system. i'm starting to hate camelbaks, so a double bottle waistpack and a handheld is a perfect replacement. muddy run sounds fun, by the way!

rick said...

Hey my first comments didn't make it. I guess they were a little slow, didn't make the cut-offs hehehe. So as I was saying, it seems to me that you are always pushing Sharon. I remember that post about you not telling her that the long run was a mile further, you sly training partner you. You should just go ahead and tell her to run Mac. I think she'll cave quickly since she's already moving in that direction, haha.

Bob Gentile said...

Sarah Said:I even wore shorts. Apologies to everyone that I blinded with my white legs.
I was going to say something witty but Eric's is witty enough for me-- "Tan in a can" requirement--haha

Way to reg. for another Ultra, hope Sharon joins ya :-)