Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kicking some ass and taking names....

Today's trail run in Forest Park provided a few ego-boosting moments that went a long way towards erasing some of my doubts this week.

Ego-boost #1: We conquered some hills I never expected to conquer this early in the year. Sharon and I started at lower Macleay Park. Unfortunately, she had a horrible sinus headache. Really, it sounded close to a migraine. But she's tough and was ready to go. Our plan was to run an out and back up towards mile 0. This was going to be a hilly route. Our first landmark would be where Wildwood crosses Cornell road, about a mile and a quarter into the run. The trail gradually rises and then the last half mile is more steep, gaining about 350 ft. For the first time I ran the whole way without stopping. Not really surprising since we were fresh, but still a nice accomplishment, I thought.

The next stretch of the trail rises another 450 ft in about a mile up to Pittock Mansion. Some of the switchback turns are really steep. I've also never run this whole portion. And I wasn't really expecting to run it today either. But I told myself I'd run as long as I could. I followed Sharon's lead and we just kept running up and up and up. By the time we hit the last switchback I knew we would make it. What a high when we both stepped onto the Pittock Mansion parking lot. Now the gauntlet has been thrown. So next time I need to run the whole distance from lower Macleay to Pittock Mansion.

On the way down the other side of the hill, I thought to myself, I certainly won't be able to run back up this on the way back. I need to stop that negative talk, because yes, we ran back up the other side too. After feeling enervated most of the week these hill triumphs have gone a long way towards boosting my confidence again.

Ego-boost #2: We chicked a few guys (to borrow Tom's expression) who deserved to be chicked. When we were in Washington Park and near our turnaround spot we passed two guys (about our ages, in their 30's or 40's) running in the other direction. Not long after we made our turnaround we were surprised that we had caught up with them, since they seemed to be in decent shape. As we approached on a short hill, they heard us coming, said hi, and then started running....just as we were within 5 feet of them. WTF? I thought that was quite rude, really. I would never do that, not even in a race, unless I thought I was a lot quicker. Well I guess they thought wrong, because we passed them right up. I think they tried to keep pace, but as we got to the top of the hill we looked down the switchback and saw them walking. Touche


Bob Gentile said...

Sarah Said:We chicked a few guys (to borrow Tom's expression) who deserved to be chicked.
AHHHH never heard of that phrase before...That is too funny and how they took off when you got close to them that was lame...I would have moved over and said "Way to Go Ladies!" :-) but hmm now I can say Way to CHICK me--haha well maybe I will just say that one to myself.

Great Job Sarah

Journey to a Centum said...


Did you talk smack when you passed those boys up? I think the best smack I've heard about was when a very fit and fast woman passed a guy and casually turned back and said "you call yourself a man?" OUCH! I've never heard such confidence from you before! Great job on your training. You will certainly be kicking some butt out on the trails this year. Please be kind if you pass me up.

rick said...

hahaha yeah go get them, leave em walking. But wait a minute they said hello first before taking off? Is that as rude as they get in Oregon? I swear you Oregonians can be so nice:)

Backofpack said...

Sorry to say that sometimes that fragile male ego and the need to bolster it produces a little rudeness. Thank goodness you were able to knock them right back where they belonged!

You had an incredible run - what a great day for you!

Joe said...

Nice to get in a good run after being a bit bummed. Great climb!!!

Kim said...

Luuuvvvv it!!!!!!!

Donald said...

I often wish I would get chicked during a race. It happens much too rarely.

Nice job on the hill running - it's an awesome feeling, isn't it?

mtnrunR said...

I have been noticing your log of runs and reading your posts... You are getting super strong! PCT will be a breeze for you. From the looks of it you will be running the whole thing. Well, maybe not the all of the mile of sand up at Timberline but everything else I am sure!(I don't know of anybody that can run all of that section.)

You would have passed me up the hill on the way to Pittock. I have NEVER ran all of that section. But I would have gladly stepped to the side.

Now all you have to do is sign up for Waldo! PCT is perfect timing for that race.

From what I understand the climbing will be done earlier on at the Mac. Still 6000+ feet of climbing though. A great race!

See you at Hagg!

tom riley

robtherunner said...

Sounds like another great day out on Wildwood. A much deserved ego boost, however, we all have much confidence in you.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

WOO HOO!!! yay for BOTH ego boosts. I love it when I "chick" guys :)

stephruns said...

it's the greates feeling...passing a guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He he!!!!!!!!

maniac hippo said...

I'm now fully prepared for you to chick me at Hagg, only as a hippo I'm so wide it takes extra effort to go around.

I'll be riding down with Sushi, do you know her? If not, let me introduce you (and myself.) See you Saturday, it should be a blast!

Sarah said...

Hippo...yes do say hi! I'll probably wear my maniac shirt. We're taking the early start (it's Sharon's first 50k) so you will likely pass us at some point! : )

Darrell said...

Getting chicked really hurts. (LOL and smiling) but I guess those particular guys deserved it.

Nice run!

olga said...

Make sure to be supr nice to me when you pass me on Sat:)
Great runs, Sarah!