Friday, February 16, 2007

A few doubts

I've been taking it very easy this week. Last week's 23 miler wiped me out. And I missed some sleep that I normally get over the weekend. I feel like I'm playing catch-up on my rest. So I'm not feeling like a very good ultrarunner right now. Hagg is supposed to be a training run, but it doesn't hurt to cut back some in preparation, right? I've realized that races make me a little uptight. Performance anxiety? That's funny since I'm rarely close to even an age group award. Now, as I look at my race schedule, I'm kind of glad that I have some holes during March, April and June. It will give me some space to run some challenges of my own design. Marc says he doesn't want to do it again, but I'm trying to convince him to run the length of Wildwood with me in March or early April.

Tomorrow, Sharon and I will run a short (10-11 mile) but hilly route in Forest Park. She loves hills. I'm learning to love them. Rain is in the forecast for most of next week. You know what that means? MUD! And lots of it.


Ben, aka BadBen said...

Just say this mantra over and over again: hills, mud, fun...hills, mud, fun!!!

I love mud and hills. I didn't use to. Now I'm like a kid again...splashing in mud puddles and racing up and down hills.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

Bob Gentile said...

Wisdom Sarah... your smart, you know when you need a little rest, it makes sense to me that you took it down a notch..very wise!

now have fun and GET MUDDDDDDDDDY :-)and I want some GIRLS gone "MUDDY" Pics---haha

Backofpack said...

I found two weeks of six-hour-a-night sleep + 50K = 1.5 weeks of exhaustion. I say cut back and rest up, catch up on that sleep!

Kim said...

Sometimes those runs will just wipe you out. If you think you need to cut back a little that's fine.

Darrell said...

Do you remember at what point 10-11 miles became a short run?! Funny how that happens.

Have fun, hills, mud and all.