Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The year ahead

I just registered for the Mt Hood PCT 50M on July 28th. It's my number one race for the year and all my training and races for the next 7 months are going to be focused towards that race. So far I've also registered for Hagg Lake 50k on Feb 24 and the Eugene Marathon on April 29th. McDonald Forest 50k in May is also a definite. I'm going to need that one for the hill training. I took Peterson Ridge off my sidebar since its been demoted to a maybe for now. And I'd like to incorporate some shorter races into my schedule this year, mainly because I think they'll be good for speed training. That has been one of the weak spots in my training.

My strength training for 2006 averaged out to 40 minutes per week. I want to bump that up to 1 hour per week at a minimum, although I plan to hit the weights twice a week for an hour at a time. And yoga in 2006 really fell by the wayside. Its been awhile since I've taken a formal yoga class. Just today I discovered that I can take a class at work during lunch at a highly reduced rate. So I signed up for one day a week. That should boost my yoga time average considerably.

I'm been building my base for the past month or so and have been holding steady at 31 mpw. This week Sharon and I are going to start increasing the mileage. I'll admit that I've been feeling stale for the past few weeks. That's probably due to all the road running and holiday food. But today I feel great and I'm ready to start kicking it!


robtherunner said...

I am always reconfiguring my schedule. I am probably going to cross Hagg Lake off the schedule to save some money since there are some local ultras in February. I was hoping to do the PCT 50 miler as well, but now I just found out that we will be on our annual camping trip with my family that weekend. Oh well, maybe next year. Glad you felt better today.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo and good luck!!!

Backofpack said...

You sound focused and determined. You are going to do great! Can't wait to follow your progress and hear about all those races. 50 miles this year...100 next?

mtnrunR said...

Sounds like a good plan. If you didn't want to run the 60k at PRR you could do the 30k. Watch out, you have to run the whole thing!!! Sooooo much running in that race. Great views though and great trail. Plus, if you do the 30k you can sleep in, start isn't until 9am. Have fun.
tom riley

olga said...

So, you are one of the first 5 registrants? Yay! Lets kill Rob for not coming to see us and run my race:)
I like the schedule that projects build up and culmination. You are good. And I agree on shorter races, I keep promising myself to do those as well (for the same reason). Email me if you find anything interesting. I'd still prefer trail though as I am simply scared to come at the far end of a road race. Wimp I am. I should join ORRC (now that we do a race together) and get a discount for local short runs. What do you say?

Sarah said...

Yes, Olga, that is very rude of Rob to not run your race! I suggest he bring his camping trip to Oregon...that's I what I'm doing.

We joined ORRC for last year's PCT ultra to get the discount. I haven't looked at their schedule for shorter races, but probably should so I can get my money's worth. ; )

matt said...

hey sarah,

you don't have the DC50 on your race list :)

my mental telepathy skills really suck!

have a great running year...i wish you and your family the best in 2007!

Carrie said...

First off, I really like the green background.

Secondly, I love your attitude of incorporating races as part of 'training' for your goals. I think its hard for others to understand that you don't see these as RACES, but races to measure your progress.

I have sent in my registration for the 10K in March and am looking around for another half marathon in the summer or fall in a place i'd like to travel to. It all depends on how fast my butt heals!!!

rick said...

Oooohhh how exciting. It's always becomes a bit more serious and fun when you finally enter your big race(s). I agree on the shorter races, they are fun and keep your speed up. They're a blast and you can go all out because you don't have to save your strength for later like in the long races. Different kind of pain though:)

Yoga, my attitude towards it was like my attitude towards veggies when I was a kid. I knew they were good for me but I avoided them. I grew out of that attitude eventually so maybe I'll be doing Yoga again when I'm 50:)

Joe said...

Good plan...how cool you can yoga at work...

The Plan...The Target...great stuff!

Bob Gentile said...

nice plan Sarah and way to go on your entry for the 50 miler...going to be a great year!

Best Wishes,


Darrell said...

Like you, I'm so done with the holiday food. Time to get back on track with food and training.

I love registering for the race to help crystalize the goal and the training.

All the best.