Saturday, December 16, 2006

Adventure run

This morning Sharon and I ran 15 miles on Wildwood and Leif in Forest Park. I expected the trail to be rough after last Thursday's wind storm and I thought we might see some downed trees. I was right. There was a lot of debris on Wildwood and we had to step over numerous small branches and go around a few larger trees. One was a very large fir tree that had fallen over the trail near Firelane 2. We had to bushwack through about 20 ft of branches to get past. There was also an area where some of the trail had slide down the side of the hill. It was cold too and yesterday's hail was still frozen along the side of the trail.

At Salzberg road (a permanently closed gravel road), we cut down to Leif. Normally Leif feels like a slog after running on Wildwood, but it was a nice to be able to run more steadily. There were some down branches on Leif too, and one tree that crossed the width of the road.

I really wish I had taken a camera with me so I could share some pictures. It definitely felt more like an adventure run than a run-of-the mill trail run. I wasn't surprised that we ran the 15 in the same amount of time that it took us to cover 16 last weekend.


Backofpack said...

We had the same experience today - one tree was across the trail at an angle, with a gap in the branches that allowed us to run right under it. Of course, we were on paved trail, so no mud for us - except where it was left on the trail from the flooding in November!

Bob Gentile said...

Sounds like a neat run this morning :-) way to go!!

olga said...

I can picture it quite well, the Wildwood after a storm:) Glad you enjoyed it!

olga said...

Oh, and I love your background color!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Olga! I wanted to add some pictures to the sidebar, but for some reason the new blogger won't let me. The little loading icon just spins and spins and spins.... : (

Joe Ely said...

Sarah, a cool run. I'm so happy you can enjoy those long weekend runs again!!

Hope your weather calms down son told me it has been pretty crazy in Portland.

Like your new colors, too!