Sunday, October 22, 2006

Still no running

I came down with some sort of 24 hour flu on Friday, which extended into Saturday. So my weekend run never materialized. My knee doesn't hurt but my ITB feels tight. Combine that with lingering fatigue from the flu and I feel like my body is falling apart. So my return to running has been postponed until Tuesday morning. Tomorrow I'm getting back into strength training, which had also fallen to the wayside these past few weeks. Its not so much that I feel like I need to push myself. It's more that I don't feel normal without a certain amount of exercise in my daily life.

This morning I finally met Olga in Forest Park, where we went on a hike on Wildwood with our sons. (Actually, we had met previously, but hadn't really had a chance to talk at that first meeting.) As those of you who know her already know, she is as warm, friendly, kind and open as you would imagine from reading her blog. Among other things, we talked about our running plans for next year. That inspired me to add my tentative schedule to my sidebar on the right. Since this is supposed to be a trailrunning blog, I didn't include any road marathons. But I have a few of those in mind to add to the mix too.

Hopefully my next post will be about running!


robtherunner said...

That's awesome that you and Olga and the boys got together for a hike. I look forward to seeing you at Autumn Leaves. Round and round we go.

backofpack said...

Sarah, that's is so cool that you and Olga got together. I hope the boys had fun too!

olga said...

Sarah, it was absolutely great to meet you and had this walk together with the boys! We can do it again:)
I am so happy you plan on all those lil' races, and with the right attitude, smart planning and a bit of training you will finish them in a great spirit! They all are on my list as well, so we'll meet many more times.
It was so-o wonderful to get back on Wildwood and see runners - I might just start running again! Thank you!

Darrell said...

That's some long range planning with some long races, and here I am thinking I'm going to take it easy after my first trail marathon.

It's always fun to meet the person behind the blog.

Ryan said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling so hot....get well soon..ya'hear!

That's great that you, Olga and your boy's had fun together!!

I love your tentative schedule on the right...looks like another fun year of running is the future!

rick said...

That's a nice looking schedule...ohh makes me want to think about mine's. That's great that you got to meet Olga, she's kind of crazy right, I mean the lovable kind..c'mon you can tell us:)

Sorry to hear about the lingering fatigue and about that ITB. I have chronic ITB on my left leg...Foam rollers are the best.

You should add the road marathons to your list, it's all part of your trailrunning training and experience.

And lastly, dunno if you know I answered your question about the shoes in my blog. Vasque Velocity's, those are the shoes that I found to replace my Montrail Leona Divides. Found them to be even better on the technical stuff...but I'm always on the lookout for new shoes.

Jessica Deline said...

That hikes sounds like a fun time! And you'll be running again in no time..

stephruns said...

i hear ya! i got the injury and a flu now, too. I hate that feeling being so tired and engeryless. I'm afraid I will lose on strength.

hope you feel better very soon;-)

Joe said...

ditto everybody else here, Sarah. Cool to spend time with Olga in the out of doors, rather than a crowded resturaunt.

And, wow, what a plan for 2007!! "Hooked on Trails" indeed!!!

mtnrunR said...

Great schedule. I do the same. I wrote down 15 ultras last year and will have done them all. Pretty cool to check them off as you go.

Rob said it best about AL.