Thursday, September 07, 2006

50K this weekend

Today was my regular 5+ run with friends. Its a somewhat hilly route but we took it slow. Hmmm...when I look at my time it wasn't slower than I usually run it...actually a bit on the fast side. But it felt slow and easy so I guess that's what counts.

McKenzie River is on Saturday. It was originally going to be my first 50K but I snuck in the Mt Hood PCT 50K in July. Knowing that I've done it before certainly gives me a degree of confidence going into this one. McKenzie River will be different because...well...because its a different race. But I'll also run this one alone. I'm looking forward to the challenge of pushing myself. Weather conditions look good...60-70's and partly cloudy with a chance of showers. It looks like the boys will be able to meet me at most of the aid stations.

My goals:

1 - Finish
2 - Feel as good as I did at Mt Hood
3 - Meet or beat my PR of 6:58

They are all equal goals and I think all are doable.

By the way, Scott Jurek is on the registered entrants list. I'm taking the early start so I'll get to see him pass me. Very cool.

I think its going to be a wonderful run!


olga said...

So excited for you! The time on your 5M run means you are in better shape, so look forward your second 50k! And enjoy Jurek's veiw - he runs like a gazelle, a tall one:)

Jessica Deline said...

Yeah maybe you can pick up some tips by watching Scott run past :) That is cool.

Good goals. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Donald said...

Have a great race, and good luck with your goals!

Darrell said...

Have a great race. The course looks beautiful. The waterfall on the website looks awesome. Enjoy!

Kim said...

It sounds like a good weekend for racing! Good luck and have fun!!

mtnrunR said...

It will be fun. Phil puts on a great race. See you at the awards.
tom riley

Ginger Breadman said...

Scott Jurek, huh . . . I saw him while I was watching the Super Jock n Jill Half Marathon on Labor Day - there were so many fast guys there, Scott finished 27th. He's so much more of a trail runner. Just remember, he's a cool guy, but he's just another runner like you. Maybe there is someone else hoping to catch a glimpse of you out there running. Interesting perspective, isn't it? Have a great run - looking forward to the race report.

robtherunner said...

Have a great run Sarah. Take it all in for the rest of us that can't be there. This race has been on my list the past two years, but for some reason I never manage to sign up ahead of time. Hopefully next year. I look forward to the report.

backofpack said...

Have a great run and enjoy yourself! It'll be great if the guys are able to support you. I've seen Jurek at a few races now - he seems like a real nice guy. He just goes and goes!

Have fun!