Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Savor every moment

You'd think with my upcoming 50k, I'd have a lot to write about. But I don't. I suppose I have a lot on my mind but I'm having a hard time translating that to the keys on the keyboard. I haven't really thought concretely about goals and strategies for this run.

But here's some brainstorming of things I'd like to accomplish on Saturday, in no particular order:

1. Finish
2. Have fun
3. Stay hydrated
4. Take it easy
5. Enjoy the scenery
6. Make full use of the aid stations
7. Don't fall
8. If I fall, get up
9. Keep moving
10. Be thankful
11. Make new friends
12. Smile
13. Stay calm
14. Do my best

Savor every moment


Ginger Breadman said...

I really like your current list - it sounds like 'living life' out on the trail, and getting the most out of the experience. You've got such a positive attitude. Great job getting your mileage accomplished in the heat!

robtherunner said...

Sarah I think your list captures all the positives and important aspects of your upcoming 50K. Enjoy the experience. I wish I could make the trip over there, but White River is right in my backyard and one of my favorite places to run.

Jack said...

Sounds like your list is complete, nothing left but to do it and have fun.

backofpack said...

Sarah, Have fun this weekend! You've got a very doable list there - I hope you accomplish all of them (especially #7). Is this your first ultra?

matt said...

i am feeling pretty quiet over here, too. it is hard to put the thoughts into words, but you did a great job, sarah. hey, are you running the DC50 with me, or what??? :)

Kim said...

Sarah, your list parallels my thinking. I've had a rough week. My goals for my 50K is:
1. have fun
2. finish (these are interchangable)
3. Stay hydrated
4. Make new friends
5. Have fun
6. Beat my old 50K PR (but really not so important.)
Good luck!!! And I can't wait for your race report!!!!


Jennifer said...

great list! I can't wait to hear about it- Enjoy the race- I'll be thinking of you while I'm out on the trails!

Donald said...

I agree - it lokis like you've covered all the bases with that list. Have a great race!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

good luck, have fun! savor every moment, indeed :)