Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Success in 2015

2015 has been a pretty good year. I PR'd the 100k distance at Pigtails 100k and came in second female in the process. I achieved my goal of running 100 miles in under 24 hours at Elijah Bristow 24 Hour. I actually won an ultra (first female) at the Pick Your Poison Relay (24 Hour Solo Trail division) and I finished my third 100 mile trail race within my time goal at Mountain Lakes. To top it all off I was the Female Masters winner of the Oregon Trail Series Long Race division. In addition to my own accomplishments I was able to play a small part in my good friend Desiree's completion of the Larry Slam (WSER, TRT, CCC, P2P). By all measures, it was a successful racing year.

But when I think back on the year, on all that happened, it's not the numbers I remember. The images that come to mind are of friendships and camaraderie.  Those relationships are the important things from 2015 and what I will cherish when the statistics of the year fade away.  That's the true success of 2015.

A few images that make me smile....

Elijah Bristow 24 Hour with my awesome crew/pacers Megan and Desiree

Desiree's spectacular WSER finish

Running the Timberline trail with Megan and Teri (picture by Teri Smith)

Pacing Desiree at Cascade Crest 100 (picture by Glenn Tachiyama)

Desiree coming in for the finish of Pine to Palm --- and the Larry Slam
(picture by Paul Nelson)

Mountain Lakes 100 mile finish with my awesome crew Ethan and Desiree
(picture by Paul Nelson Photography)

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Cara said...

What an achievement! I too agree that the new relationships and all the new friends you meet when running is probably the best part of it all! I have made what I now consider some best friends during my years of running! Thanks for the inspirational post, and good luck to you!