Friday, April 05, 2013

Pacific Rim One Day Run 2013 Race Report

Another year, another Pac Rim One Day.  I love this race, the (not so) little guy loves this race.  I can't imagine being anywhere else the third weekend in March.

My goal this year was to stay out as long as possible and get in as many miles as possible, but to do no harm.  So I wasn't committed to the full 24 hours.  I didn't want this race to set me back too far in my training. (Last year I had to take 3 weeks off.)  The boy did his usual thing - taking pictures and providing comic relief.  Then, as he started doing last year, he counted laps for quite a long time into the late evening.  I love seeing him when I come through the timing tent and feel very fortunate that my teen still likes hanging out with his parents.

The weather wasn't as bad as last year -- at least is wasn't as cold.  But the rain never really let up.  We'd get a little break and then it would blow through again.  Late afternoon we got hit by a really big blast of wind and then some heavy rain.  I took that opportunity to change clothes.  My fingers were so cold, but I put on my mittens with some hand warmers and I was golden!

One of the main things I love about this race is the people. This year I had the opportunity to talk with people I'd known of and see often at races, but had never really gotten the chance to know, if you know what I mean. :-)  The conversations and bonding really make this race.  I especially like hanging out with the old-timers who have been doing this for much longer than me.  Not only do they have great stories, but it makes me optimistic that I'll be able to continue doing what I love for many more years to come.

Around mile 57 or 58 I started feeling some persistant pain near my knees.  Nothing wrong with my knees exactly, but the muscles supporting them were starting to tire and some of the little stabilizer muscles, tendons and ligaments had to take up the slack.  I decided to go for the 100k and then call it a day.  I was still running much of the loop, but by mile 61 I felt like I should switch to walking.  I was really determined to not have any down time after this race!  So I walked the last 2 laps with Eb (who sets quite a pace!) and finished out with 63 miles in just over 15 hours.

Here are my splits:

50k:  6:27:05 
50M:  11:09:49 
100k:  14:51:00 

5th woman
14th overall

I'm very pleased with those times considering I thought I was being pokey and spent some time changing my clothes and rummaging through my stuff.  Makes me realize that aside from my knees (which technically weren't/aren't injured - just taking the brunt of the effort) it would have been a good day for a PR attempt.  I definitely want to try for 100 miles at a 24 hour event someday.

Fifteen hours/63 miles was perfect.  We got home and I was in bed by 3am.  I took an easy week and only logged about 25 miles.  The next week I was back on track and even completed 30 miles on Saturday, a glorious 70 degree Pacific Northwest spring day.

Next up is Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 Mile in a week.  I've cheered for Marc twice but have never run this race so I'm really looking forward to it!


Olga King said...

Sarah, I, too, am impressed with your teen. I think this is the best gift for you guys. Glad you were mindful - and yuor times were awesome too! People this sport are something else...precious:)

Carilyn said...

Awesome, Sarah! I looked at that race, but the timing was a little dicey. I'm glad it all went so well for you :)

Joe said...

Handwarmers again!! Yes!! How cool the (not so little) LG still enjoys being with you.

Yes, isn't it neat to be with the older runners?? Like you, I find it very inspiring.

Congrats on a good race and a wise decision to quit when you did. The Peterson Ridge result proves the wisdom of that choice, eh??