Friday, March 01, 2013

2013 Race Schedule

My 2013 race schedule is set!  I'm very exited about all my races.  Some will be true races and I plan to give it my all at those.  A few are designated training runs within a race.

February: Hagg Lake 50K  - Completed!  Race report forthcoming.

March: Pacific Rim One Day - Although this fixed timed race doesn't really fit into my other race goals this year,  it's a tradition that can't be missed.  Someday I'd like to go in really trained to smash my 24 hour PR of 77 miles.  But I don't think this is the year.  My goal for this race is to get in some easy miles - hopefully at least 50 - and stay out all night.  However I absolutely don't want to continue on at all costs if I start feeling any injurious tweaks.  I won't let this race set back my training.  No soldiering on through pain this year. 

April: Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 Mile - I've always wanted to run this race so I'm very excited to have it on my schedule this year.   This is another training race.  The plan is to have fun in the high desert with my fellow ultra runners!  Plus the day prior is Marc's birthday so we're making it a fun family weekend in Central Oregon.

May:  McDonald Forest 50K - This one I plan to RACE!  I've run it twice, both times over 7 hours.  My goal is to break 7 hours.  I feel like I should be able to do that and plan to get in some quality hill work before May.

May - June: Portland Trail Series - This is a series of five Wednesday evening races from 4-6 miles each in Forest Park.  I won't be in the running for any awards - there are a lot of speedsters who run this series.  But I will give each race my all and use it as speed/hill work on the trails.

July: Mt Hood 50 Mile -  Some day I'll run this race with the goal to break 11 hours.  This year, I'm running it with my friend Rose (crew person extraordinaire (!) and partner in crime at Across the Years).  It will be more of a long training run which fits perfectly into my training.

August: Waldo 100K - Gotta go back and get my hat!  Or at least finish.  I'll be happy with either, but of course I want that hat.

September: Mountain Lakes 100 Mile - This is the year's big goal.  So excited for my second attempt at 100 miles on my home turf!

You may notice a two month span from mid-May to mid- June  with no long races.   I'm really excited to have that time race free so I can focus on some quality training in the Gorge and Cascades.


Olga King said...

The scheduler looks awesome and smart! Yes, no soldering when pain sets in. Love the Waldo and the 100! And happy I will see you at the Mac - I am officially in! Yay!

Carilyn said...

Looks like a great schedule, Sarah! And so nice that you have so many good races close to you. Woo hoo!