Sunday, December 30, 2012

Operation Jack 6 Hour

The Operation Jack 6 Hour run on December 22nd was my last race of the year, 27th ultra and 53rd marathon/ultra race. I did another version of this race (it was a 7 hour then) back in September 2010. This race is a fundraiser for the autism foundation, Operation Jack. Aside from the part of my race fee that went to this charity, I decided to donate an additional dollar for every mile I completed. Another maniac/runner I know who couldn't be there offered to match that. Yay. 

photo by Leyla Duechle

There's not a lot to say about the race itself. It's run on a .95 course in a pretty park in Tigard, OR. There were a lot of maniacs there that I'd never met. Plus a lot of people I didn't know just out to do a half marathon. Times are a changing. However there were a few of the usual ultra-type suspects. My goal was to run a steady pace and see how far I could go. Officially, I completed 31.35 miles in 5:54 (I didn't have time for another lap within 6 hours). Personally, I think I ran farther than that, but it is what it is. As it stands, its my first official 50k under 6 hours. Yay.

This race was good training for the Pacific Rim One Day run coming up in March.  Except for stopping at the aid station, I ran the whole way at a relaxed pace, with fairly even laps but picking it up a bit at the end.  This was the first race (and first run longer than 20 miles) in my Hoka Bondi Bs and this confirmed that they are my new road shoe for long runs.  I've never had a better recovery from a road run, was hardly sore at all and this week have been able to run a regular schedule.

So out with 2012 and on to 2013.  Happy New Year and stay tuned!


Joe said...

Nice run!! Given that I'm the RD of a one-mile loop marathon, I'm glad to hear of other experiences on loop courses.

Interested to hear more of the Bondi shoes...they are new to me...look HUGE! The fact you like them are really speaks volumes.

Are you missing ATY right now??

Carilyn said...

Congrats, Sarah! Sounds like a great accomplishment and a worthy cause!

I'm thinking about trying out Hokas for my 24 hour runs. My old feet are getting tired :)