Thursday, July 05, 2012

Quick update on me

Here's a quick update on where things stand with my "injury".  I reluctantly took a week off to rest.  I think the immediate reason for my pain (the rough treatment of my ankle by the LMT) has resolved.  However I firmly believe that my emotions (fear, anger, disappointment, anxiety) got caught up in it all and any lingering pain I have is due to those emotions and not any physical abnormality or injury.  In the past I've let that fear and anxiety keep me in a painful state and ultimately a non-running state for too long.  I'm not going to let that happen again. 

I saw a medical doctor last week who confirmed that I pretty much have normal function in my ankle.  Nothing is broken or torn.  So I've decided to carry on.  The pain is manageable, and sometimes goes away  - which is further proof to me that it's more a mental/emotional thing than a physical thing.  In fact, as I type this out, and acknowledging publicly that it's an emotional thing, I can feel some of the lingering tension in my foot dissipate.

So on to more training!  Despite only running 5 miles the last week of June, I finished up the month with 200 running miles.  I'm on track for 50 or more this week.  My original plan was to train hard with this weekend being a 50 mile weekend (20/30 or 25/25) and then take a 3 week taper to Mt Hood.  But considering the down week last week, I'm moving the 50+ miles to next weekend and then will taper 2 weeks.  

Three more big races in my season Mt Hood 50M, Waldo 100K and then Pine to Palm 100M.  The last two are getting so close it's starting to feel real.


Adelyn said...

Glad you're feeling more in control of your "injury" and back to running :). Fingers crossed any lingering pain vanishes soon as you gain your confidence back

Olga King said...

Very happy to hear the foot pain is not there to stay! But I hear ya how we can all bent over in our injures because having them means so much to us (or rather as a threat to what we love to do). But your mileage, girl, wow!

Joe said...

I'm late to this post but that let's me scroll to see you had a decent weekend, Sarah. Way to go. Hope that pain deal is subsiding and your mental approach is helping the cause.

Enjoy the long runs this weekend too... I'm doing a 20/14 here in the brutal Midwest heat...should be interesting!!

Carilyn said...

Yay, Sarah! So glad you are able to get back to it! You have some great races coming up - Woo Hoo! Have fun with the long runs this weekend!