Sunday, May 06, 2012

Nick Eaton Ridge Hike

I'm taking it easy this weekend between my two 50k's, so the boys and I headed out to the Gorge for a hike. I picked a route starting at the Herman Creek trail head, up the steep Nick Eaton trail and back on the Groton Creek trail. The weather was mixed - no rain but a little chilly when the clouds hid the sun. We mostly hiked the 8ish mile route, but did about a mile or two of running downhill, which is always fun! Afterward we recovered with some pizza and beer (for the adults) in Cascade Locks. A great way to spend some family time on a recovery weekend. But so much for glutes are on fire today. So good training too! 

The LG looks almost as tall as Marc in this photo!

2+ steep miles up, up, up

Enjoying a sun break while we can!

Fresh snow on the higher peaks

Can you find the teen?

Time to run!


Olga King said...

I love this loop! I love the fact that you can hike Nick Eaton guilt free because it's so steep, but then you get an absolutely sweet downhill! It's a classic of the Gorge:)

Joe said...

Great photos...what a cool place you live in! The Gorge is so neat.

And the LG is less and less "L" all the time...what a fine kid. Neat you can go out together like this.