Saturday, September 03, 2011

Goat Rocks Backpacking

I was supposed to be running the Bunker to Bonneville 50k right now, but I decided earlier this week to drop out.  I'm still recovering from my summer of racing and felt too many lingering tweaks and creaks to think it was a good idea to run the race.  I'm sure I could have finished it in one piece, but I'm now looking ahead to Across the Years and I don't want to jeopardize my training.  And I really need to do some sensible training this fall.  Not the back and forth, high and low I did this summer after a spring of hardly running.  I'm a little disappointed because B2B is the kind of race I want to do more of into the future.  But I had a feeling of relief after making my final decision so I know it was the right one.  There's always next year.

Last weekend we went backpacking in the Goat Rocks Wilderness with our friends Sharon and Boone.  We hiked about 15 miles in two days.  Here's a peek at our trip in pictures.

Getting to the first view spot

The little guy (who is now nearly 5'2") carried all his own gear

Looking back to where we started way down there

Sharon and I make it up to the saddle

Marc's self portrait with Mt Adams in the background

Our camp site near Goat Lake.  Can't tell from this picture but there was a huge view of Mt. Adams from our site.

So many varieties of wildflowers.  The LG took this picture (which I love).

This is what we saw from our campsite - Mt. Adams

Me and Sharon near frozen Goat Lake

Not one complaint the whole trip

Hiking back down the valley

Took a side trip to the PCT

Tuckered out!  He was asleep within 5 minutes.

I've been taking it pretty easy since the 12 Hour three weeks ago.  Have been doing a lot of walking and a little running. I need to get back into more of a running schedule this week, but I plan to ease into the mileage and keep doing a lot of walking.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


Olga said...

I think it's important not only to listen to your body, but to re-charge like that with the family and friends. The views are to die for:) My LG is over feet now...You have it right, Sarah.

Carrie said...

Wow -- so pretty. What an amazing camp site! I'm proud of the big LG. :-)

Juls said...


Joe said...

Way late catching up with this cool post...super pix!! Wow, what a neat opportunity. And the LG isn't so L at all any more!!!

Hope you are getting the miles in...ATY is such a cool target!!