Sunday, March 13, 2011

A new kid in town

Yesterday I volunteered at Rainshadow Running's first annual Gorge Waterfalls 50k.  No doubt this will quickly become one of the must do ultras in Oregon.  It seemed to be a tougher race than most of the runners expected.  But everyone had a positive attitude.  

There were only two full aid stations and I worked at the second one at mile 20.  Liz and Kamm were the captains so, of course,  it was a well-run, organized ship.  Due to my habit of getting the water and sports drink mixed up, I volunteered to handle the food table.  It poured rain for a lot of the race, so the challenge was keeping things dry, even with a canopy.  

Highlights of the race included seeing my Portland chick buddys conquer the course and meeting some facebook friends for the first time in real life.  Also, very near the cutoff, a very accomplished maniac was thinking of dropping.  He looked pretty good, but I think the course was just tougher than he expected.  Normally, I think this kind of thing is a personal decision.  But he told me this would be his first dnf.  Since he really did appear to be okay, I told him he needed to keep going.  Just then, the Beast came through.  I told him,  go with the Beast and you'll finish for sure!  So he did and I saw later that he finished.  Yay!

For volunteering, I get a free entry into another Rainshadow race.  I hope I can do the Beacon Rock 50k (or 25k ) in June.  I'm still not running due to my foot.  The pool and I have become close friends.  Next week is Pac Rim One Day.  I'm volunteering and crewing.  Marc is running.  And the Little Guy will appear as mascot once again.


olga said...

Volunteerin is as awesome as running a race...or better because you get to accomplish more finishes:) Hope you recover your foot soon and get into action.

Joe said...

good to hear from you. I'm sure you were a terrific encouragement...that mile 20 point can be "low ebb" for many!!

Hang in there with the foot...enjoy the pool!

Darrell said...

Way to be to voice that spured a maniac on to the finish! very cool. and thanks for volunteering.

Pam said...

Thanks for volunteering. Beautiful course but not so beautiful weather that day!