Thursday, January 06, 2011

Quick ATY Update!

Yes, I'm working on a full report for Across the Years.  I hope to have it up by this weekend.  I had the time of my life!  Although if you had asked me how I was feeling on Friday, December 31st at 3:15 pm, my answer might not have been as upbeat.  The few of you who still read this blog likely already know that I completed 106 miles.  Thank you to everyone who sent me messages of support!  You're encouragement meant so much to me!

Oh, by the way....I don't think I'll ever run again.  I don't want that 106.25 showing on my sidebar from my RunningAhead log to ever go away!


grrlpup said...

Yaaaaay!! :)

Addy said...

That is so amazing!!!! Wow! Congrats - look forward to the full story

Darrell said...

106 miles, WOW!

I like the belt buckle.

Gretchen said...

SO cool!! Congrats. 106 miles ... what an accomplishment!

Looking forward to the full report.

Joe said...

An event like that has huge ups and happy it ended on an "up" for you!

Take a screen shot of the blog just to preserve that 106 sitting there!!

You can go get a new pair of jeans and a cool belt now to go with that buckle!!

Looking forward to all the details. Hope your legs/ankle is recovering well.