Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fear of Missing Out

Somehow my desire for rest and relaxation that I was feeling in the weeks leading up to Across the Years, has morphed into the Fear of Missing Out.  I'm left wondering why its so difficult for me to bask a little bit in the glow and successes of 2010.  Instead I'm looking ahead to what I need to do and what I want to accomplish.

I rested completely for two weeks.  No running and just a little bit of Pilates, yoga and a few pool running sessions.  While much, much better and no longer swollen, my left calf is still not 100%.  So I'm more aggressively seeking outside therapy in addition to my own icing and foam rolling.   I already had a little Graston and ART last week, with more later this week, plus a massage and a chiropractic adjustment tomorrow.

I think I jumped back into exercise too quickly this week with stairmaster and weights yesterday and a 3 mile run today.  I'm paying for it now.  I haven't really hit the weights in more than a month so I hope that the discomfort I'm currently feeling is mostly normal muscle soreness, rather than dysfunction.

I updated my 2011 race schedule on the sidebar.  I'm registered for Hagg, but I think the chances of me running that race is less than 25%.  I registered during an endorphin high after Autumn Leaves.  But it's not one of my favorites and I never really intended to ever run it again.  Plus I haven't trained on trails, let alone muddy trails, in months.  Considering it's a month away, and I'm not really running right now, it seems very unlikely I'll toe the line on that one.  And I don't really care.

What I really care about right now is just getting out and running.  I miss my routine.  I miss recording runs in my training log.  I recently had the opportunity to connect with a new group of cool, women runners.  I miss being able to run with them.

Think I need to find some cheese to go with this whine?  I do!  I likely need to disconnect from running for a little while.  How to do that?  I don't know.  But I need to figure out how to how to relax more and just go with the flow... kind of like non-runner Marc. : )


Carrie said...

What I really care about right now is just getting out and running. I miss my routine. I miss recording runs in my training log. I recently had the opportunity to connect with a new group of cool, women runners. I miss being able to run with them.

Can you interact with your new group and NOT run? When I was hurt and couldn't run, but could run/walk (and swim & bike), I'd meet up with my "team" and do my run/walk while they did intervals, etc. It was hard to check my ego, but I got a lot of the social satisfaction (and routine!) out of meeting up with them anyway.

I think you're a goal oriented person (like me), but you also said above that you just want to get out and run. Somehow you need to balance that. OR just start running or biking or something with the Little One -- change the focus from you to him (for a litte while, LOL). That has also helped me.

Teri S. said...

Hang in there! At least you are feeling the desire to be out there again - that's half the recovery, isn't it? And we crazy ladies aren't going anywhere...you'll be able to catch up with us anytime.

Sarah said...


@Carrie...Yes I can still go out and eat and drink! But I'm more of a doer, not a sit around and talker. But yes, we can still hang. : )

@Teri...Yes, that was the one really good sign this morning. I really wanted to be out there for that run, whereas last week, no way!

Backofpack said...

This is so me! Not injured, but too busy with work and school, I have FOMO about so many races, especially Pac Rim. And my regular routine is all catty-wampus and missing a day due to teaching an extra class, and I need to run to deal with the stress, by the way a good stress, but the kind that needs processing, I can only read so much before I need a run, and look I'm getting out of breath just typing this so obviously I need a run!!!

grrlpup said...

Heh, I was just thinking today about Hagg Lake, specifically how I've done the 25k twice and still can't imagine wanting to go out for a second loop! I appreciate it for being there all by itself in February, but for me it's a tough one to enjoy.

Hope your recovery speeds along so you can do the fun stuff.

Rick Gaston said...

Good decision favoring not running Hagg. The race could make things worse with the left calf especially since you mentioned that you haven't been training on trails. Totally bites missing out but not so bad if it means being back into running sooner.

Joe said...

You know yourself best, Sarah, so enjoy some quality Swiss or Gouda and you will figure this out.

ATY, being a true dream for you, coupled with hitting your goal there, crocs and all, is a lifetime achievement. So a period of relaxing and reorienting may well be appropriate.

Looking at your side bar, why not just focus on the triple you have planned over the Independence Day weekend?? 5+ months off, totally different sort of thing???

You'll get it, just fine...relax and enjoy and look at that belt buckle!

Sarah said...

Thanks Joe! You are so wise. Clearly I need more rest and recovery. AND I haven't basked in my accomplishment enough yet. I need to take more time to reflect and enjoy before I move on. Thanks for the reminder!

olga said...

Strangely, I don't even feel FOMO. I am pretty calm and peaceful, and yes, I do want to run, but I am not shaky-obsessive about it. So, may be, we are getting older? And, hopefully, wiser? :)

Darrell said...

remember back not that long ago when you couldn't run, you got through that, you'll get through this too. Hang in there, give your body the rest it needs.