Monday, August 23, 2010

"Two Wild and Crazy Guys" continued

I don't want to get too far ahead of myself because I still need to write my Transcendence 12 Hour report. But here's a quick peak at what happened this past weekend at the Where's Waldo 100k:

Don't they look so happy and eager at 2:45am?

Seventeen and a half hours later, giddy smiles all around as they show off their Waldo hats.  And Marc won the Wet Waldo Award!

Congrats boys!  You earned it!


olga said...

I can't believe my comment was deleted!!! Anyhow, I saw these boys did awesome from Craig's blog's updates. Wow on them! And I see you have a race calendar now on your side bar - welcome back:) Lovely picture and blog design - is the picture from template or your own? If own, how did you put it in? BTW, Badwater is not for me either...

Gretchen said...

Wait, that was your Mark that won the Wet Waldo?? I didn't even realize that. How awesome! It was definitely a little chilly for swimming in my book, so I'm impressed.

It was awesome to finally meet you, Sarah! Thanks for all the encouragement on course. It was great to see a friendly face out there. Sorry we missed each other after we came back from showering. I wanted to get a picture with you! Oh well, I'm sure there will be a next time. :)

Congrats again to Mark!

Bret said...

Excuse me! Marc and I are now 5k specialists. And we support our lovely wives ultra and marathon activities.