Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Rainier to Ruston 50 Mile

This past Saturday Marc completed the Rainier to Ruston 50 mile ultra, with the little guy and I serving as support crew. This race, directed by the able Rob Hester and his equally able assistant Eric Barnes, plus numerous capable volunteers, is mainly a relay, but there are 50 mile and 50k solo options too. In the midst of our cold, drizzly Mayvember that has turned into a cool, rainy Junuary, we were treated to a spectacular clear and sunny day. The race starts near the northwest entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park and ends 50 miles away along the beaches of Ruston Way, Tacoma. The little guy and I enjoyed our day of "endless waiting" and Marc had a pretty good race, only getting just a teeny tiny bit cranky. ; )

Here are a few pictures of our day:

the crew chief

our fearless runner

my boys. :)

color coordinated...note the 50 cent thrift store support hose...who needs expensive compression wear?

the 50 mile start

a few familiar faces at the 5ok start

crossing the Puyallup river

going backwards through the end/start of another leg

endless waiting

running the sandy ditch...the worst is yet to come

haven't I seen these people before?

coming into the finish...if I had a better camera you'd see a spectacular Mt. Rainier in the background

finishing strong

relaxation time!


Backofpack said...

I'm glad he liked it better once he rested up. For some reason, I love that course - not so much the upper section, though it is gorgeous, it's too muddy for fun. Hope you and the little guy enjoyed the endless waiting!

Joe said...

Great crewing, which means "patient waiting"!! You know the drill... and I'm sure did it well.

Hope you and the little guy had a nice time!!