Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ditched the schedule

I've decided to stop following my marathon training schedule. My main reason for using it in the first place was to help me build my mileage back. I've sort of done that now, although that will be a work in progress for a while yet. Also, the 35 miles at Pac Rim put a major crinkle in the plan and I need some time to recover. Finally, I'm going to be out of town at a conference three weeks out from the marathon and I doubt I'll get in a long run that weekend. But I'm not worried in the least. I generally like a two week taper anyway, so can get in a long run the next weekend when I return. Although I like to organize and plan, when I find that I'm editing the schedule more than I'm using it as written, then it's time for it to go!

Overall my recovery from Pac Rim has gone well. I need to remember that this was my first big run in 2 years and I can't bounce back yet as quickly as before. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I felt virtually no day after or next day after soreness. No stiffness, no problems going up or down stairs or anything like that. However, I was really tired from missing a night's sleep, so canceled my mid-week runs with my running buddies. When I finally went out on a short run with Marc on Thursday, I felt a lot more kinks in my legs than I expected. No pain, just dead legs and an overall creaky feeling. Friday I woke up with a tight left hamstring and I decided a long run this weekend was out of the question. No need to push things. I'm in this for the long haul.

Saturday was a beautiful day so we headed out to the Gorge for a hike up Angel's Rest. Everyone else must have had the same idea because the regular and overflow lots were full and there were cars parked up and down the side of the road. I've never seen that many cars, even in the summer. However, once on the trail it didn't seem too crowded.

Marc ran to the top and then ran back down to meet me and the little guy and hiked back up with us. Then they ran most of the way back, waiting for me occasionally. I was happy to hike and enjoy the trail, the trees and the blooming flowers.

This morning, the little guy had a party to attend so I waited until the afternoon to try another run. I went out to drizzle and got back home just as the showers hit. I was pretty wet, but still comfortable in my shorts and long sleeves. I love showery, spring runs! I could feel my hamstring, but its not painful. I think I'll be fine to resume a more regular schedule this week. And hopefully I'll be able to hit the trails more often. My goal race this summer is the Siskiyou Out Back 50k in July. So I need to work on getting my trail legs back!


Joe said...

One of my favorite quotes: "Plans are nothing; planning is everything." Dwight Eisenhower.

You have a plan...your experience is a big part of that. You are just scrapping the paper plan. It got you back to where you use your own plan!! The process is the important part, as Ike brought out.

Glad your legs are coming back, even if slowly. That's a beautiful hike, out there in the gorge!!

FWIW, my hamstring is sore, one week out from my marathon. It'll improve.

Enjoy your week!

olga said...

I think you are on a right track - listening to your own body and using your experience. Beautiful photos from Angels hike...BTW, I saw you and Bart in my dream this morning, how weird is that?

DavidH said...

What a fun hike! Nice pics and enjoy the journey to Siskiyou Out Back 50k.

Susan Kokesh said...

Hey SD - my hubby, myself and 2 kids will be over at Sunriver for Pac Crest weekend as well -- he will either being doing the long course tri or long course du on Saturday. We are there Thurs-Tues. I'd like to get in a long trail run on the trail that heads towards Bend/follows the Deschutes River. What are your plans?

Darrell said...

Ditching the paper plan sounds like the right thing to do.

You know what works for you and like you said you're in it for the long haul. The paper plan might not always reflect that.

Going with the flow seems like a good course of action at this point.